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Neighborhood secret Tape 8: uncle’s memorabilia

Mr Bonds & his nephew Myott Bonds
October 06, 2022 | Full Length Video : 18min 51sec

My nephew Myott and I have been having quite the adventurous time lately. When we’re not getting naked and fucking each other’s brains out just the two of us, I’ve had my neighbor share Myott, and even his own boy.

One day I told Myott to come into my bedroom to show him some of my old “costumes” I would wear in my films. I had amassed quite the collection of great underwear and jockstraps. It’s safe to say some simply don’t look natural on me anymore.

I could ...More

I could tell Myott liked them. He liked the idea of his uncle in them, and what might have transpired as I wore them. I liked the idea of seeing him wear them, so I asked him to try some on.

First up was a black and gray jockstrap, which he filled out wonderfully. Then a pair of white briefs, again – perfect fit. Finally, I had him try on one of my old classic white jockstraps. Again, just marvelous.

At this point, I couldn’t handle it anymore. As I watched his ass framed by the jock, I started to feel him up, rubbing his beautiful smooth cheeks. I had him get on the bed on his hands and knees so I could taste between his cheeks while he wore nothing but his uncle’s jock and his knee high socks. As usual, he looked amazing, and he tasted amazing.

I removed my own t-shirt and athletic shorts and dove back into Myott’s sweet little ass face first. I let out some muffled grunts as I tongued him deep, and he moaned at the feeling. Sometimes I still couldn’t believe I had my sexy little nephew’s hole all to myself to use as I pleased.

Soon enough, his hole was wet, opened up and ready for me. I got up behind him and aimed my big meat directly at his puckering hole. The head popped in first; always such an amazing feeling. The rest slid all the way into him with just a little effort. He definitely had some time left to grow into my cock.

I was balls deep into Myott and pounding his hungry hole at a swift, solid pace. My mind would briefly stop to appreciate how much better he looked with his ass framed in my jock, and my big rod sliding in and out of him.

I got him on his stomach and pounded even harder. After a while, I gave his little body a break and flipped him onto his side, letting my cock slide out of him only briefly before sliding it right back in.

I noticed his cock was rock hard in the jock. I pulled it out and began stroking him as I pumped in and out of him myself. If he wasn’t greedy for my cock already, that always helps intensify that hunger.

I got him on his back and slipped him out of the jock, lifted his legs up and slid back in, now fucking him face to face: one of my absolute favorite ways to spend this quality time with my cock-hungry nephew.

I could start to feel my balls tighten up against my body as my nut began to build. I changed my own position slightly and laid on my side, leaving Myott on his back and slid back into him while also planting a deep kiss on my handsome nephew’s supple lips.

It was too much though, Having seen him in my jock, fucking him in that jock, watching him enjoy my cock in him, and now kissing him I was already on the brink. I blew deep inside him, pumping yet another well-earned load into my sexy boy.

I pumped a few more times before plopping out. I played with his freshly bred hole, already looking forward to getting back in there again…

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Brian has always put a lot of work into his body. And he’s proud of it. When he was younger, he liked to show off by being photographed and filmed… sometimes even doing a bit of adult work here and there. But as time has moved on, his priorities have shifted, but the material is still out there. He never thought twice about who would see it… until he discovered an unlikely fan in his nephew.

Played by Brian Bonds

Myott has always had a bit of a crush on his uncle. He never thought to act on it or even dwell too long on it. It wasn’t until he went to stay with the handsome, older man that he found himself beginning to see his fantasies come true.

Played by Myott Hunter
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Neighborhood Secret

Neighborhood Secret: Tapes
1. Seeing My Uncle’s Old Nudes 26mn
I’ve always had a little thing for my uncle Brian. I know it’s a bit weird, but he always had a way about him that made me feel… different. I didn’t know until much later that I was into guys, and in some ways, he was my first crush. He was smart, funny, handsome, super nice, and had a body that always reminded me of an action hero. And as I got older, I started noticing him more and more. It’s not really something I’ve ever told anyone or even thought about too long. I knew nothing could ever happen, so it was just a little secret in my mind. That is, until I saw his nudes. I was staying at his place for a week while my parents were away. I hadn’t ever spent more than a long weekend with my uncle before, and never alone. I didn’t know if I would be in his way or be too boring for him, but he was a perfect host. After a night or two, I went looking for a pen so I could do some work, only to find myself opening a special drawer in his office containing some special photos. They were covered with some office junk, but it was clear what they were: nude photos of my uncle. And good ones, too! They were from a few years back, just judging by the look of him, but they were very revealing and explicit. I saw everything. Chest, legs, arms, cock, even his butthole! I had always wondered what he looked like under his clothes, even when he was wearing a tank top and shorts. But now, I could see everything! My first thought was to take them and look at them on my own in private, but I knew if I did, he would eventually see they were missing. And I didn’t want him to know that I saw them, let alone that I took them. Before I could think about what to do, it got too hard to do anything else. The house was quiet and uncle Brian hadn’t checked in on me in a while, so I figured I was more or less on my own. I shouldn’t have been so foolish as to take my cock out and start stroking it, but I did… Image after image, I studied every line of his body. Every muscle, curve, and angle. Precum lubed up my cock as I looked closely at his cock, his ass, his feet. There was no part of him that wasn’t available for me to see, and I swallowed it all up! I was so focused on the images and stroking, I didn’t hear the slow entrance of my uncle into the room! “Myott?” I was startled! I had a hand on my hard cock and a table covered in naked photos. That would be embarrassing enough to be caught in that position, but for him to see photos of himself… I nearly ran out of the room. Instead, I sat frozen in fear, waiting for him to scream or get mad. Instead, to my surprise, he just sat down, looking through the images on the table, taking in what he was seeing and registering no reaction. When he asked what I was doing, I felt silly telling him the obvious. It was clear what I was doing. I told him I didn’t mean to find them and I wasn’t snooping around. But I did ask what they were for. He told me they were from a different time, before I was born. To be honest, I was surprised to hear that. He looked so good now. Not so different from the version of him in the photos. In fact… he looked even better. I don’t know what came over me, but I said that out loud to him. He shot me a smile and I could tell he was a little embarrassed, but also flattered. He looked off for a second, as if he was considering something. A pregnant pause filled the room and didn’t break until he looked back at me. He could see I was still hard and looking at him. I won’t lie, seeing him in person after seeing the photos just made me even more eager to jerk off. And I think he could tell. “You want to see the real thing?” he asked. It sounded like something I was dreaming about. I thought I misunderstood him, but then his hands reached up to his shirt, preparing to undo the top couple buttons. My heart raced. I couldn’t think or breathe. It felt like I had no right response. I never thought this secret desire of mine would ever be acknowledged, let alone possibly come true. Before I could even respond, he already had two buttons opened. I started stroking my cock again and whispered, “yes… I want to see…”
2. My Neighbor's Nephew 26mn
I saw a hot young man hanging around my neighbor’s house for the last little bit and both I and my dick immediately wanted to know more about him. With his cute, boyish face and pale, white skin I couldn’t help thinking about what this sexy boy might look like naked. My neighbor, Mr. Bonds, is also gay, so he and I often chat about the men we’re getting with. This time, he told me that his name is Myott and that the boy is his nephew! I immediately backed off, thinking that family would be off-limits. My neighbor must have sensed the change and quickly assured me that the tiny, gay bottom is open for business. The realization that my hot neighbor is fucking around with his own nephew got me springing back to attention. It seemed strange but also too hot for me to not be curious. Before I could say anything, my neighbor suggested I come over to see more of Myott for myself… and I wasn’t going to pass that up! We sat down and Myott jumped at the chance to have another rendezvous with his hot uncle. The way they were making out, I could tell they had done this many times before. Their tongues wrapped around each other quite naturally and their hands freely roamed around each other's hot bodies without any fear or trepidation. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Piece by piece, they gently and passionately removed each other’s clothes, revealing just how into it they were getting. Myott saw his hairy uncle’s hard cock and instinctively bent forward to take it deep down his throat. Up and down again and again, sometimes even using his hands for extra sensation. My neighbor was really enjoying this hot blowjob and, knowing the boy is family, got me hard as a rock just watching! But I wouldn’t be on the sideline for long. My neighbor positioned himself on the couch so Myott could continue to blow him and invited me to get more comfortable beside him. We started to make out, all the while Myott is sucking his uncle’s cock for all he’s worth! It’s so fucking hot to watch, I thought my dick might tear thorough my jeans. I had to set it free! Bonds seemed turned on by my hairy body and started stroking my cock. The sensations were almost too much! Myott blowing his uncle, that uncle stroking me, and me making out with my neighbor all at the same time. I couldn’t get enough! I knew where Bonds wanted this to go, so I wasn’t surprised when he stood Myott up and went to town rimming his nephew. So wet and sloppy - I knew that was more than just passion, it was preparation for the fucking to come. I hopped off the couch and grabbed the boy’s dick and took it deep in my mouth. I took it as deep as I could go and it was incredible! What’s hotter than two older guys giving this twink all that he could handle! My neighbor moved back to the couch and motioned to his nephew. Myott seemed to know exactly what that meant. Myott straddled him cowboy-style and Bonds pressed the tip of his raging-hard cock right at the hole. With one solid move, Myott’s twink hole slid right down over his uncle’s hard-on. With a slight adjustment Myott was able to get into position so he could bounce freel. It was so hot! Bonds started stroking me and I saw my chance to play tongue-hockey with this twink that I didn’t even know an hour earlier. Myott’s moans dampened under the pressure of my tongue but there was no doubt how much he was into the bare fucking his uncle was giving him. I wanted a better view of the hot display in front of me, so I laid down on the couch and Myott laid on top of me. Bonds hadn’t yet had enough of that hungry hole, so he went right back to pound-town. Their rhythm meant that my dick was getting rubbed by the boy’s back, and, since I couldn’t touch myself, I had my hands free to caress Myott’s smooth young body. Oh, the moaning that started! Bonds noticed it too and started pumping even harder. I thought it might send Myott through the roof when I started stroking his dick. I noticed that the louder Myott’s moans got, the harder Bonds would pound. Myott put his own hand on his own dick and now I got to watch the climax unfold. Louder, faster, louder, faster, and harder! I couldn’t tell which one was going to blow first! With grunting taking over the room, Bonds shot his huge load deep inside that hot hole, shuddering as the orgasm took over his body. The smile on my neighbor’s face indicated just how much he loved fucking his nephew in front of his friend. And I have to say, I loved it, too…
3. Focus on Me 15mn
I didn’t really know what to do. I was on my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth when I passed by my dad’s bedroom. I thought I heard something, so naturally, I turned my head to look toward his door. It was late and I thought maybe he might be watching TV. But as I looked, it was clear that what I was hearing was something else. I know my dad has sex and he doesn’t really make a habit of letting me know when it’s happening. He’s not shy about his body or his personal life, but this was one thing that was always somewhat opaque. I never knew when he was having sex, but sometimes I would see guys leave early in the morning. Here, I could see it all very clearly. My dad was sitting back in bed, legs spread with a younger guy between them. The guy was sucking his cock. And I could see it all. My instinct was to turn away and quickly leave, pretend I didn’t see it and just go on like nothing happened. But I was stuck. I couldn’t move. Something about seeing this private, intimate moment was so… beautiful. I’d never seen my dad hard before, let alone in this kind of pleasure. His hairy chest rose with each deep breath, and his moans were unlike any sound I’d ever heard him make. It was revealing… I got a look at a side of my dad that I would have never thought I’d see. But just as I thought I’d snuck enough of a glimpse, his eyes looked up at me. I froze. I didn’t breathe. My face went red and I could feel the burning sensation of embarrassment in my ears. I waited for the moment to come when he spoke up, called my name in shock, and I was left having ruined his moment. But instead, he just seemed to keep going. He looked at me in the eyes, almost passively seeing what my reaction would be. His blowjob didn’t skip a beat as we were focused on one another. The guy sucking his dick had no idea I was there, and I wasn’t going to alert him to my attention. And as it turned out, neither was my dad. Suddenly, it was like I was a part of it. Even though I was silent and still across the room, barely in the doorway peering in from the dark hall, it was like I was part of my dad’s sexual encounter. To my surprise, I found myself carefully studying the way the younger guy was sucking his cock. I watched with strange fascination how my dad’s dick stood tall from his thick pubes and disappeared into the guy’s mouth. I watched as my dad’s balls tensed and seemed to rise up like they were jumping in place. And from where I was standing, I could see the look on my dad’s face whenever the guy’s head moved up and down, sending him into intense pleasure. I couldn’t help but pull out my own cock and start stroking. It was hot. Hotter than I ever imagined. Seeing my dad like that… so sexual… so powerful… being worshiped… it made me wish it could be me… My dad continued to put his guest into different positions. Eating his ass and playing with his body, all the while keeping a watchful eye on me, seeing how I would respond. The guy he was about to fuck turned toward me, but he was so captivated by my dad’s tongue, he couldn’t keep his eyes from rolling back into his head. He never even knew I was there. He looked like he was my age! Couldn’t have been more than a year different. He was smooth and young, making the scene all the more intriguing. Who was he? And where was his dad? And did his dad know he was here? …In the way my dad knew. Then, I watched as my dad put a drop of spit on his cock and lined it up with his bottom. He took a beat before plunging it in to catch my gaze. It felt like an eternity since I’d taken a breath, but I found myself gasping in delighted anticipation when he finally slid himself inside his bottom. The way my dad’s hairy body arched as it fucked… I couldn’t help but thinking about all the people he’s fucked before. And even for me, about how I came to be from such an act. Skin to skin, intense breathing, passionate, deliberate strokes, all while getting closer and closer to climaxing. I felt strange as I tugged on my cock, getting closer to coming myself watching my dad fuck. I knew it was wrong, but he kept looking at me, watching me watching him, knowing that what he was doing was getting me off just as much as it was getting him off. I wondered if he would have been as into the sex he was having had I moved on and never been caught or if he was getting a special thrill from having his son see him breed. When the time came for him to cum, he turned the boy away from me. It seemed now like the young guy was an afterthought, a mere prop in his sexual fantasy. As he fucked him and built himself closer to coming, he kept looking at me. Sweat caught on my brow and as I stroked myself, it seemed like he was actually fucking me. Every push and thrust he gave the young guy seemed directed at me… for my benefit… to turn me on… I didn’t want it to end, but I heard my dad’s breathing intensify and the boy’s moans quicken from the pounding. Within moments, my dad was letting out powerful, masculine noises, unloading his seed into the young man’s hole. I wish I could have gotten closer to see it… to see his cock inside him… and to see his load pour out of him… Instead, I finished tugging my cock, unloading my semen on the floor beside the door. I was quiet, but my dad was facing me, watching me as I let out my load. The look on his face was enigmatic, but not in the least bit upset. Somehow, we shared something. But it meant that I had no idea how to see to him next…
4. Watching Home Movies 29mn
Uncle Brian and I have been fooling about for a bit now and it’s already gotten quite intense. I really love the way he makes me feel, and he’s so sexy that I’d pretty much do anything he wanted me to do. He’s got a great body and a massive dick, which, as it turns out, feels amazing inside me! I mean, there are worse people to lose your virginity to, right? I’ve no idea how it makes him feel, but the look in his eye suggests that he likes the attention. He’s no stranger to being seen as an object of desire, having modeled and posed for porn before. It was a bit of a shock, but I love that I can see him both as he is now and how he was when he was younger. He seems to only have gotten hotter, and I’m lucky that he’s let me experience the real thing! The more curious I got, the more he wanted to show me. As it turns out, he’s got quite a collection of movies he’s made. We went down to his den and he pulled out some old DVDs and tapes of his. It was kind of weird at first, but within moments, my eyes were wide, stunned and excited to see my uncle on camera, fucking like a pro! I’ve jerked off to porn for years, but never had the experience of watching a relative in action. And now, I was sitting just inches from my uncle, watching me watch him! He didn’t say much, seeming to just study my face. I could feel myself breathing heavily and getting excited, and before long, I was rock hard! A few minutes later, we had taken our dicks out of our jeans and were basically jerking ourselves off next to each other. We didn’t say much of anything, just staying side by side, stroking and watching the videos. Uncle Brian clearly was enjoying the trip down memory lane, and I was enjoying seeing him grind on screen. I was kinda holding my breath in anticipation, desperate for things to move on to the next stage. I kept getting distracted from the video by the live-action cock right beside me. I had my own experience of it before, but nothing like what I was seeing on camera. I wanted more. I wanted him. I dunno what possessed me to be so bold, but I leaned towards him and started to kiss him. Then he gestured for me to give him head and I immediately got my lips busy on his giant, veiny dick. I tried to get as much of it in my mouth as possible - like his co-stars did in the films - but I could only really get half way down without choking! I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of my uncle. I wanted to impress him. I wanted to be a pro like him! We were soon naked, and he squatted down between my legs to suck me off. I guess it was my turn. Sure enough, within seconds, he’d swallowed the whole of my dick and I could feel his warm, wet throat wrapped tightly around it! It was a feeling like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Every part of me suddenly started shaking. My skin immediately broke out into thousands of goosebumps. I must have been making really peculiar noises because I totally lost all control of my body. I don’t think my dick has ever been as hard as it was at that moment. It throbbed so much, I thought it was going to explode! He pushed me onto my back and started sensuously licking my hole - which made me twitch like crazy, utterly desperate to feel him inside me again. He pushed a finger in first and told me how tight I was. He wasn’t lying. He could barely push it in, and, once inside, I could feel my muscles gripping it like fuck. Then he knelt up and I knew he was going to push his dick into me. I knew the key was to relax, so, like a mantra, I kept telling myself that he’d been up there before and I hadn’t split in half! He lined himself up with me and I focussed on breathing really deeply. He could clearly tell that I was nervous because he told me I didn’t have to do it. But I wanted to so badly! So he sat on the couch and told me to lower myself down onto him. He got the head of it inside and it immediately stung like crazy, causing me to jump up and tell him it was all too much. But he told me it would be okay and that there wasn’t any rush. I just needed to breathe deeply and slowly lower myself down… I could feel gravity dragging my ass down the length of his shaft as he inched his massive rod into me. The sensation was agonizing but in a curiously addictive way. My dick stayed solid all the time even though I felt like some kind of kebab on a skewer! I eventually got myself all the way down and it felt so deep inside me that I was sure it was gonna start pushing out of my belly button. As much as it was a struggle, I loved having him there. I felt like I was making him proud… making him happy. He’s not just some guy, after all. He’s my uncle. And it meant a lot that I could be that close to him. He took complete control and showed me how and where to move. He got me in a position where my legs were spread crazy wide apart, but there was an amazing moment when I realized it didn’t hurt any more. And at that point, I started to grind myself up and down, feeling the head of his beautiful dick pressing into the craziest places inside me! Then he got me to bend over the couch and stood behind me. I was excited, but also found myself clamping up again. I was worried the new position was gonna hurt like hell. He drove himself into me again and made me feel like I was being stretched really wide, but it felt really good, especially when he started banging me harder and harder. I glanced behind and saw he had his teeth clenched and a look of determination on his face. It was almost as though he were trying to test my limits or something. He aggressively pulled my head back and kissed me while he banged me from behind. I ended up on my back with him between my legs, looking down into my eyes as he got stuck in. There was a real intensity to the way he was looking at me which made me almost too shy to look back. I felt like I was in one of his movies. He was fucking me like a porn star, giving me all he had. I didn’t want it to stop! I don’t think this could possibly be true, but every stroke and every thrust suddenly felt deeper and faster than the one before–I somehow knew he was about to shoot his load into me. I grabbed my dick and started to jerk myself and before I knew it, the semen was squirting and flying out of me at top speed, all the way up to my chest! He kept fucking me and then suddenly shot his own load right inside. Real deep, in a way I thought might never come back out again! He smiled and kissed me, making me feel like a million bucks! We never finished watching his videos, but I knew I wouldn’t need them to see my uncle fuck!
5. Just You and Me 27mn
When you look back on your life, it’s often possible to pinpoint certain specific moments when its course was altered indelibly. You rarely understand the significance of a moment while it’s happening… but then there are those experiences which are so utterly mind-blowing, you just know, there and then, that nothing in your life will ever be the same again. And this is just what happened to me last Saturday night… My neighbor, Mr. Bonds, is a good guy. We’re about the same age and we have a lot in common, most notably the fact that he’s into guys as well. I can’t tell you how relieved I was when I discovered that particular fact, largely because I didn’t want to face a slew of curtain-twitching and disapproving looks every time I brought a guy home. The other day, he invited me over for a three-way with a particularly sexy young guy I’d seen him with on numerous occasions. I was astounded when he revealed that the boy was actually his nephew, Myott! It took a while for that particular piece of information to filter in. My brain instantly started producing all kinds of crazy thoughts. I couldn’t tell if the idea was really hot or just plain weird, but seeing them together instantly put the whole thing firmly into the category of “super sexy.” Myott was certainly pretty awesome in bed. In fact, I invited him over to mine the following evening for a one-on-one encounter! Now, this is the moment when I come across like a really bad dad… My son, Marcus, comes to stay with me fairly regularly. He has his own key. He lets himself in. It’s all cool. Of course, he has been known to show up while I’m in the middle of “entertaining,” but rather fortunately he’s never caught me red-handed. I always make sure my bedroom door is firmly closed, and he knows when the door’s shut, I’m not to be disturbed. I don’t know why I forgot to close the door with Myott last Saturday night. It was probably because I was so turned on that my head wasn’t allowing me to think logically. Myott’s lips were wrapped very firmly around my dick when Marcus let himself in. Everything went into a sort of slow motion as I heard his footsteps coming up the stairs. In retrospect, I realize I should have thrown Myott off me immediately, and made a dash to close the bedroom door, but the moment just felt so intense. I didn’t want it to stop and I somehow managed to convince myself that Marcus would stay downstairs and watch TV or something. Of course, this wasn’t the case. Marcus looked pretty shocked when he realized what was going on. Poor guy just stood in the hallway with a frozen look of panic on his face. It was almost like he was trying to look away, but somehow couldn’t… And then something bizarre happened. We made eye contact. And, at that moment, a line was instantly crossed. I allowed Myott to continue to do what he was doing. Poor boy never once knew he was being watched… But, I dunno, the experience of seeing Marcus watching was probably the most profound thing which has ever happened to me. When he pulled his solid dick out of his pants and started to jerk it, my head was officially blown! Nothing about what was happening was appropriate or justifiable, but it happened. I fucked Myott real hard and nutted deep inside his tight little ass, looking into the face of my own son. It took me a while to pluck up the courage to talk to Marcus about what had happened. I felt ashamed, embarrassed, and nervous… But I still found myself thinking about it all the time, remembering how it felt to be balls deep in a hole while looking at my boy. Almost as if I were fucking him! The thought did something wild for me. And it got me hard all over again… The next morning, I found Marcus sitting on his bed and decided the time had come to talk about the elephant in the room. I sat myself down next to him and blurted out something along the lines of; “that was weird, right?” And he said, “a little.” He’s never been one for more words than absolutely necessary! What was probably a little more bizarre was that, as I glowed red with embarrassment, trying to put my feelings into words, he started absentmindedly playing with his dick! It instantly made my head spin. I didn’t know what to do. It was clear the boy was hard as a rock in his skimpy underpants and I could feel my cock beginning to throb in direct response. Maybe he was thinking about it as much as I was! I put my arm around him, protectively, repeating a mantra in my head which said “back off… be a dad…” Memories of key moments in our life together flashed through my head, but my brain kept taking me back to the memory of him standing in my bedroom door, jerking his big, thick dick - staring at me with his beautiful, innocent eyes. I ran my hand up and down his chest. I was trying to reassure him in a paternal-like gesture, but his body felt so good… …And then it just happened. We kissed. It was instantly sexual. There was no doubt about it in either of our heads. I kept trying to pull away. “Back off… be a dad… back off…” But it was no good, I needed more. The line had been crossed. It had been crossed even before I walked in the room. Everything was already different and new… But boy did my son know how to kiss! I assume he was working entirely on instinct. We’ve always been completely open with each other and I know he’s kissed a few girls and done nothing more, but there we were, on his bed, making out like lovers. He was, in fairness, shaking like a leaf, but his complete inexperience was certainly not showing in any other way. I took the lead and kissed down his body. And soon we were shirtless and he was running his soft fingers through the hairs on my chest. Everything felt so unexpectedly natural. Like all the rules and don’ts went away and we were just two guys, exploring each other, loving each other… He started to unbutton my jeans, and for one final moment, I genuinely thought about retreating, but I looked down at him, running his hungry tongue over the bulge in my boxers and knew we needed to keep going… Is a father meant to contemplate taking his son’s virginity? Surely the idea alone should be entirely off limits, but when he started to pull my trunks down, I could think about nothing else. My dick was rock hard as he started to nuzzle it with his mouth. He was soon sucking me in a way which entirely blew my mind. I kept wanting to ask where he’d learned these skills - but simultaneously knew that he’d been with no one in the flesh. Nothing made sense, so I just gave into the moment and allowed the waves of extreme sexual lust to crash through every inch of my body. I hastily pulled his boxers down. His peachy, smooth, little ass was more enticing than any I think I’ve ever seen. Part of me couldn’t have felt any more proud! That was my boy. My beautiful boy. The next thing I knew, my tongue was lodged deep in his hole and he was moaning like I’d never heard before! The more I ate him out, the more I wanted him, and the more taking him started to feel like my duty. I know it sounds utterly messed up, but I wanted to be his first. I wanted to show him how amazing it could be. To make it special and memorable. But also for him to know that I would always be there for him. And that something as powerful and important as this could be shared with someone who loves and cares for him. I pushed fingers into him, gently lubing him up, slowly preparing him for the moment he’d never forget. He murmured that he wanted more, and I didn’t need to be asked twice. I dragged him to the end of the bed, stood behind him, lined my dick up with his ludicrously tight hole and went for it. The feeling of popping my boy’s cherry was more intense than I could ever have predicted. He instantly started yelping and every fiber of my being started telling me to pull out. The one thing you never dream of doing is hurting your boy, but I realized the cries were stalling and he was relaxing into the experience. Then he told me not to stop. And suddenly I was driving my big dick in and out of him like crazy. My nuts were instantly begging to explode and I pushed him right down onto the bed so I could get in real deep. I kept telling myself not to go full tilt despite wanting to fuck the living daylights out of him. I could feel my strokes getting faster and harder and pulled out before I came too quickly. I lay on the bed so that he could have more control of the situation and he took to that position really well. We even started to kiss. And, from that moment on, everything felt so natural and right. I pushed his legs real wide apart and fucked deep into his tiny belly with long, grinding strokes. He kept telling me not to stop, but I wouldn’t have been able to if I tried. I pushed him onto his side and rode him like that from behind as he jerked his boy dick faster and faster… and then, just like that, he exploded. I looked down at his dick as huge ribbons of semen flew out of it. The muscles in his ass throbbed in unison, squeezing my dick and made me desperate to cum, but I pulled out. I don’t know what made me take a step back like that. I guess it felt important not to rush into shooting inside my boy. That’s a whole other thing… and we have all the time in the world to get there...
6. More the Merrier 23mn
Sometimes I think I must get a kick out of playing with fire! When my neighbor, Brian, invited me and my son Marcus over to his place for drinks, I probably should have said no… But it was clear that we’d collectively gone down a path that there was no going back from. And honestly, I don’t know if I would if I could. I’ve slept with Brian on numerous occasions and I’ve fucked his nephew, Myott! And I’ve subsequently started banging my own son after he saw me deep inside Myott’s hole! It’s certainly been an eventful couple of weeks! And instead of politely declining Brian’s offer, I immediately said yes and, an hour later, Marcus and I were sitting on Brian’s couch next to Myott. There was thick tension in the air. We’d all been intimate with each other in one way or another, but this was the first time we were all in the same room at the same time. And no one seemed to want to be the first to mention that. And it was unclear how much each person was aware! I knew, for example, that Myott still didn’t know that Marcus was watching when we fucked. And Marcus didn’t know that I’d had Myott on more than one occasion! And I still hadn’t told Brian that Marcus and I have completely redefined our father-son relationship… But tonight seemed as good an opportunity to come clean about all our desires… and see if there was a chance to bring our families together. The more the merrier, right? So there we all were on the couch, absentmindedly watching TV. I could tell that Brian had something up his sleeve, and, sure enough, pretty soon after we’d settled down, he called Myott over to the armchair and started making out with him. Bold as brass! I could feel my face flushing red as I looked at Marcus, worrying that he was gonna think the whole thing was some sort of weird set-up, but he barely batted an eyelid. In fact, he just sat and watched them going at it with a look of curiosity on his face. He parted his legs a little, a sure sign that his cock was twitching, so I took the opportunity to get a bit physical with him, stroking his leg, then wrapping my arms protectively around him while we watched Brian and his nephew necking like total teenagers! I was worried Marcus might be a little shy, especially with the idea of fooling around with his old man in front of his neighbor. But he took my cue and saw that this was a safe space. And soon I had my tongue dancing inside Marcus’ mouth! I could sense that Brian was keeping a firm eye on us, clearly enjoying the sight of Marcus and myself being intimate. I looked over at him and we stared at each other for some time, sharing a deep moment, drinking in the beauty of the situation. Two men with their boys, no secrets, no shame, just unadulterated passion and intimacy. And I’ll be honest, being watched was just as hot as watching Brian and Myott! Of course, my immediate thought was how hot it would be to watch Brian making out with Marcus. But would Marcus be ready? As far I knew, I was the only man he’d ever been with. It was important to me that he be with someone worthy of him, and I couldn’t think of a better man than Mr. Bonds. I looked over and Brian and Myott were completely naked, with Myott on his knees servicing his uncle’s big cock. At my surprise, Marcus stripped off his clothes and made his way over to them! Apparently he’s a bit of a chip off the old block! He wasted absolutely no time whatsoever and immediately started hungrily sucking on Brian’s big dick. Watching Marcus getting in on the action like that was seriously sexy. I loved that he felt secure enough to go for his desires. And I liked to think that me being there gave him the extra sense of security that I would look out for him. And of course I would. I love him more than anything else. And seeing him come into his sexuality… that’s a privilege very few dads ever get. Brian was clearly in heaven. And why wouldn’t he be? He had two beautiful boys wrapping their soft lips around his rock hard meat! Brian gave me a thumbs up. Marcus was obviously doing a good job. What can I say? He learned from the best! I rolled my jeans down and continued to enjoy the show, dick in hand, watching my boy suck cock like a goddamn pro!
7. Laundry Room Surprise 16mn
Even though it had been going on for a couple of weeks now, I sometimes couldn’t believe my dad and I were fooling around. That alone blows my mind, but doing it in front of the hot neighbor? And his nephew? It’s crazy! But…. kinda crazy hot. Last time we were together, it was wild. Two lucky boys and their sexy older men. Naked, sweaty, and in the throws of unrelenting lust; giving in to every animalistic urge you can imagine. I can’t stop thinking about it. I am hungry for more, over and over again. But I don’t want to scare dad off. I don’t know… I just don’t want to seem… too needy. But I stopped being self-conscious after a surprise encounter with my dad in the laundry room… I had just gotten in from hanging out with some friends, covered in sweat from running outside. I went straight down to the laundry room to throw my clothes in the wash. I didn’t even want to bother letting it sit in a hamper for days. As I was undressing, and just as I was down to my skivvies, dad walked in. He just stood behind me. His gaze was powerful, scanning my body up and down. I wanted to turn around right then, but instead let him take the lead as he had been. I removed my underwear, letting my sweaty balls bounce around freely as he moved in behind me. I could feel his hard cock pressed up against my bare butt through his jeans. He sniffed my neck and caressed my hairless chest before running his hands all over the front of my body. I coyly asked what he was doing. He knew it was rhetorical. I was trembling trying to hold back my own lust, but was glad he was just as hungry for me as I am for him. Instinctually, I jutted my ass back up against his bulged jeans, I couldn’t help it. Even though he’d had me a few times already, it felt like the first time every time. Maybe I still needed to get used to the idea of being with him in this way. Maybe I’d never get used to it. But every new first time, I always found myself deep down whispering “yes.” And I explore him all over again. As he sniffed and kissed my neck gently and ran his hands over my boyhood, I noticed it felt like such a perfect mix of familiar, paternal affections and raw sexual hunger. Both ends of the spectrum battling yet drawn together like a magnet. He removed his shirt, bare chested, covered in fur. We contrasted each other perfectly. It was hard not to want him… even wanting to be like him. I wondered if I would ever have a chest like his someday. But for now, I was just happy to be able to touch it. We stayed in these motions for a while, until he finally made his way down my back with a trail of kisses before coming around and planting a light kiss on my growing bulge, and his nose on my hanging sack. He enjoyed the scent and took a big whiff. I’m sure he noticed the perfect mix of soap and sweat. Just musky enough; with the hint of the man I was becoming. As he was getting a good sniff, he looked up at me. The feeling of seeing my dad’s handsome, scruffy face with my cock on it was incredible to say the least. I took a little more initiative and lifted my meat a bit and aimed it at his lips. He smirked a bit, opened his mouth, and enveloped it like a pro. Running his hands all over me, he went for my sack, lapping it up and bathing it with his tongue. He stroked my rigid pole, still going from ball to ball with his wet mouth, until finally taking the pole back into his mouth. I felt the head touch the walls of his throat. I never could have imagined being able to see this. He made his way off my rod and got back up behind me. He pulled his jeans down. Another trail of kisses, again leading down my back. This time his wet mouth landed right on my starving hole. Dad’s mouth was talented in ways one could only dream of. His tongue expertly slobbering in, opening my hungry hole to prepare it for his throbbing man-meat. Ready for its intended target, dad spit a little and lathered up his pole. My own hard cock was bouncing as the head of his long and thick meat touched the lips of my little hole. Despite the difference in size, my pucker invited him in, and he slid inside with relative ease. It was still huge for me, but it felt as if it was in its natural home inside me. I moaned and squirmed in pleasure as dad slid in and out of me like a pro. Like my hole was uniquely made for him. He pulled out and sat on the floor, motioning for me to take a seat and ride it. It was time to show off my own skills. I rode it, both of us moaning and groaning as I felt him stretching me out. I leaned down to kiss him, which wasn’t as easy as I had hoped. Still, seeing the look in his eye as my body wrapped around his, riding his tumescence and bringing him closer to climax… it was incredible. He lifted me up a bit, not letting his sword slip out of its sheath, and laid me down on my back. Still face to face, this position made pumping his cock inside of me that much more intimate. And I felt, in that moment, like I was his entire world. I could feel him pulsing inside me. I knew he was going to blow in there, feeding what needed to be fed. He trembled as he picked up speed, shaking like a rocket about to blast off. And when the time came, the flood of passion and semen vibrated through my body, sending waves of sensation from my hole out to my fingertips. It was like I’d cum, too, feeling a part of his pleasure. After his deposit, he pulled it out to see his handiwork, and leaned in to kiss me deeply. He slid back in to make sure his DNA was as far inside me as possible. Once he was certain of this, he pulled back out, and lifted me up for one final deep, and intense kiss. A kiss that told me it wouldn’t be the last.
8. Uncle’s Memorabilia 19mn
My nephew Myott and I have been having quite the adventurous time lately. When we’re not getting naked and fucking each other’s brains out just the two of us, I’ve had my neighbor share Myott, and even his own boy. One day I told Myott to come into my bedroom to show him some of my old “costumes” I would wear in my films. I had amassed quite the collection of great underwear and jockstraps. It’s safe to say some simply don’t look natural on me anymore. I could tell Myott liked them. He liked the idea of his uncle in them, and what might have transpired as I wore them. I liked the idea of seeing him wear them, so I asked him to try some on. First up was a black and gray jockstrap, which he filled out wonderfully. Then a pair of white briefs, again – perfect fit. Finally, I had him try on one of my old classic white jockstraps. Again, just marvelous. At this point, I couldn’t handle it anymore. As I watched his ass framed by the jock, I started to feel him up, rubbing his beautiful smooth cheeks. I had him get on the bed on his hands and knees so I could taste between his cheeks while he wore nothing but his uncle’s jock and his knee high socks. As usual, he looked amazing, and he tasted amazing. I removed my own t-shirt and athletic shorts and dove back into Myott’s sweet little ass face first. I let out some muffled grunts as I tongued him deep, and he moaned at the feeling. Sometimes I still couldn’t believe I had my sexy little nephew’s hole all to myself to use as I pleased. Soon enough, his hole was wet, opened up and ready for me. I got up behind him and aimed my big meat directly at his puckering hole. The head popped in first; always such an amazing feeling. The rest slid all the way into him with just a little effort. He definitely had some time left to grow into my cock. I was balls deep into Myott and pounding his hungry hole at a swift, solid pace. My mind would briefly stop to appreciate how much better he looked with his ass framed in my jock, and my big rod sliding in and out of him. I got him on his stomach and pounded even harder. After a while, I gave his little body a break and flipped him onto his side, letting my cock slide out of him only briefly before sliding it right back in. I noticed his cock was rock hard in the jock. I pulled it out and began stroking him as I pumped in and out of him myself. If he wasn’t greedy for my cock already, that always helps intensify that hunger. I got him on his back and slipped him out of the jock, lifted his legs up and slid back in, now fucking him face to face: one of my absolute favorite ways to spend this quality time with my cock-hungry nephew. I could start to feel my balls tighten up against my body as my nut began to build. I changed my own position slightly and laid on my side, leaving Myott on his back and slid back into him while also planting a deep kiss on my handsome nephew’s supple lips. It was too much though, Having seen him in my jock, fucking him in that jock, watching him enjoy my cock in him, and now kissing him I was already on the brink. I blew deep inside him, pumping yet another well-earned load into my sexy boy. I pumped a few more times before plopping out. I played with his freshly bred hole, already looking forward to getting back in there again…
9. Dream Boy 23mn
I had always been told that being my age, my hormones would be completely out of control. The fact that these hormones have led me to having a full-on affair with my dad is proof of just how out of control they can get. Weirder though, it all felt so natural, so… seamless. Even though Dad has been more than willing to join me on this journey, I was never quite sure how to approach him when I was hungry for him. Which seemed to be always. On this particular night, I really needed him. Even if he couldn’t give me my usual meal, maybe a little snack? Even cuddling would suffice. I went in completely naked and asked if I could join him in bed. There was no question my body was open and eager. He was more than happy to see me and he got the hint. I got in bed with him and immediately he spooned and held me. A million thoughts raced in my mind. Right now, particularly as he held me in his arms, I wondered if he knew just how sexy he is. He’s very confident, though,which made him all the sexier. As we cuddled, his hands began to roam. I was already at half-mast when I walked in, barely containing it as I crawled into his bed. But now, my cock was fully engorged, and the second I felt his hands move down my waist, I was throbbing. Better still, I could feel his cock pressing up against me. He moved the blanket off of us, and I turned over to present my full self. He kissed my chest, and smelled me as his hand moved down to my rigid meat. Even before he could touch it, it bounced up and down. He kissed me softly, breathing me in. After teasing my lips with his own lips a bit, we both slipped our tongues into each other’s mouths as he continued to play with my stiff dick. He whispered in my ear, breathing heavily as I whimpered in pleasure. We continued to kiss as I writhed from the sensation of his strokes. His fingers made their way down my balls to my taint and then my hole. That nearly made me yelp! Dad made his way down to my cock and took it in his mouth like a lollipop. It was so hot watching him savor the taste of my meat the same way I do with his; it was such an immense turn on. Soon enough though, he flipped my leg over, and was ready to go after his real goal: my horny hole. He started off light, lapping at it lightly, getting small nibbles. Soon enough, though, I could feel his bristly beard lightly scratch my cheeks as he plunged his tongue deep into my hungry pucker, making my moans get even louder. I could feel my hips jut back into his face as he made out deeply with my hole. He even made his way back up to my balls and sucked on each one as he stroked my cock. He pushed my hips down and slid his middle finger right into my hole. He leaned back and grabbed at his stiff cock as he continued to rub my p-spot. He turned me back over and swallowed my cock again. He then had me sit on his beautiful, furry chest so he could suck me off while also playing with my butt and hole. I took my entire ball sack and let him lap at them. He turned me back over again, and went back to slobbering all over my knob as he finger-fucked. I could feel my balls tighten as he filled his own face with my cock. I writhed and moaned uncontrollably as he brought me to the edge. Before I knew it, I blasted into his mouth. With a sexy smirk on his face, he came up to my face and kissed me. This may not have been the ultimate “meal” I wanted, but it will certainly keep me happy until next time!
10. Father’s Day Gift 19mn
I had been staying over at my Uncle Brian’s more and more. My parents didn’t mind, and neither did he. My dad loved the fact that I was bonding with my Uncle, but I don’t think he knew just how much—and how deeply—our bond had grown. With Father’s Day coming up I decided I wanted to give my sexy Uncle an equally sexy gift. Ever since I found his old nudes, I couldn’t quite get over just how much more beautiful his body is in person. Especially now that he’s older and beefier; those pictures did him little justice. I found the perfect gift for him: a jockstrap. My perverted young mind raced through scenarios. I imagined him wearing it, sweating in it, cumming in it, and then letting me sniff it and taste it. I walked into his bedroom and told him I had something for him. His handsome face immediately lit up when I presented him with the white jockstrap. I told him I wanted to see him try it on, and what luck, he was as eager to slip into it as I was to see him in it. The front pouch clung to his heavy package while the back perfectly framed his thick, muscular ass. It fit him perfectly. I told Uncle Brian that it was time to take some new pics to replace those old ones that did his current body such a disservice. He grinned at the idea and agreed to entertain me. I snapped shots from the front, and asked him to flex for me. His perfectly sculpted physique crunched, rippled in beautiful form. Next, I asked him to get on the bed to show off his meaty ass. He bent over on all fours; the pose revealed his beautiful hole. It was too much! I didn’t care about taking more pictures anymore, I wanted the real thing. I had to taste him. I dove my face right between his cheeks, tongue first. My cock throbbed as I tasted his insides and grabbed each cheek, spreading them so I could sink my tongue into him even deeper. This drove Uncle Brian wild, too. He turned around and kissed me deeply, I imagine he tasted his own hole in his nephew’s mouth. He laid his back down on the bed, lifted up his legs, and presented his hole again. I dove right back in, and Uncle Brian moaned and groaned in pleasure. He even slipped a finger deep into himself when I pulled back to look at his hole. The idea of sliding my cock into him someday flooded my mind. I would love to load him up. But that day hasn’t come just yet. Uncle Brian pulled his cock out from under the pouch of his new jock, and if his ass had me mesmerized moments before, his cock hypnotized me almost immediately. Transfixed, I wrapped my mouth around it like it was a reflex. I swallowed his whole dick with hungry abandon. It was as if it was made just for my mouth. Uncle Brian told me to join him and get naked. Don’t have to tell me twice; I tore my clothes off, my stiff boy cock springing out. He took a quick taste of it before laying back down, gesturing for me to climb on top of him. He had me sit on his big, thick Uncle cock. The head popped right in, and the rest of the shaft followed afterwards. I felt my own cock jump with bolts of electric pleasure with each thrust as he slid in and out of my chute. We kept switching positions. I’d take the reins and ride him, only to have him push me down and pound into me. My own cock leaked and throbbed. He had me lay on my back as he slid his thick meat into me, making love to my hole as I stroked my cock in time with his thrusts. His big cock prodded my prostate with every thrust. Uncle Brian began to moan loudly as his balls tightened. He told me to look at him as he pulled out and stroked his cock to finish. He blew his load all over my hole. His warmth dripped off of me, coating my most intimate parts, and I thought… I love giving gifts just as much as receiving them.
11. Good Morning 30mn
When I woke up this morning, I realized right away that my son Marcus was already up and out of bed. I had originally thought that I would awaken to find the pale, dark-haired beauty still wrapped in my arms from last night’s explosive lovemaking. I didn’t dwell on his absence—I rose from the bed, threw a shirt and pants on, and made my way barefoot into the kitchen. I found Marcus at the breakfast table, silently eating his usual early morning meal. However, instead of the sunny, bright-eyed chatterbox that I always had experienced my son to be, he now seemed to be deep in serious thought. You see, it had started to become clear to me that as our newly-formed sexual relationship continued that Marcus had grown more insecure. He would get downright pensive sometimes when I would leave the house to run an errand or hang out with a friend. And when I would return home, Marcus would be visibly relieved, as though he’d been pacing back and forth while I was away. I could tell that he was probably worried that I might bring someone home. Honestly, he could also get a little chilly with me when I even glanced at another guy. I knew that I needed to try and do a better job at reassuring my son that not only is he the light of my life, but the only boy I want. Period. And you know, actions speak louder than words. So, as I quietly sat next to my son at the table, I decided that I would show Marcus just how badly I desired him…and only him. But my son also seemed to need a subtle lesson on the reality that I, too, have feelings. So as I sipped my coffee, I casually mentioned the fact that I truly wished that he and I could wake up in each other’s arms more often. That I would actually really like that. The look on my precious son’s face just about killed me. His eyes briefly welled with tears, and his armor fell. Marcus explained that although there had really not been any issues since he began living here with me, he nonetheless worried that I thought he was in the way. The boy also confessed that although he didn’t want to come off as jealous, he honestly was troubled by the imagined possibility that, sexually, he was just another fling to his dad. My heart broke in a million pieces. I realized that I’d really screwed up here. My casualness and seeming lack of exclusive interest had gotten to his sweet little head. Big time. I needed to get this situation remedied and put his insecurity to rest. I pushed my coffee aside, rose from the table, and knelt down before my son. I took his hands and looked deep into his eyes as I declared my love and dedication to him—and only him. He was my guy, my universe, my everything. Marcus solemnly considered this for a moment. Then, with a hint of sudden trepidation, he inquired if I wanted to have other guys over to spend the night. I chuckled gently and patiently, then sighed with feign exasperation. Of course I didn’t want to sleep with anyone else! Marcus smiled brightly for the first time in what felt like a long time. His eyes were filled with love again. So, I kissed him. And praise the sweet angels above, he kissed me back! The rest of breakfast time was not spent finishing off our meal. Instead, my hearty appetite was finally satisfied only after devouring the delectable meat of my boy. Marcus got so loud with his moaning that at one point I thought the neighbors might hear! My son seemed to especially love it when, after I’d engorged myself deep inside his tasty twink hole, I spun the breathless boy around and pushed him up against the kitchen wall. His eyes got real wide when he turned his head and saw my nearly footlong, throbbing cock approaching to impale him. I spat in my hand and slicked up my bobbing man-pole. My son was nearly begging me at this point to please, please put that daddy-meat inside of him. Once I was in my boy, we almost immediately found our hips, ourselves, moving in unison. As our fuck rhythm intensified, so did our cries of pleasure and delight. Marcus gripped the kitchen door frame and trilled with excitement as, with one last manic thrust, I delivered the hottest, sweetest cum shot of my life deep within him. Marcus trembled in my arms as I collapsed over him and held my exquisite son tightly to me. I kissed him all over his shoulders, neck and back as we both very, very slowly came down from our high. I gently pulled out of him so that I could enjoy watching the oozing creme of my orgasm drip out of his well-fucked boy hole. I couldn’t help but grin when I realized that this wouldn’t be the last good morning like this!
12. Double Feature 17mn
Mr. Barrett and Mr. Bonds were not just long-time neighbors anymore; they had grown close enough that they considered themselves family. Lately, though, Mr. Barrett and Mr. Bonds hadn’t gotten to spend much time together as both were busy tending to the needs of their sons. When an opening eventually appeared in both their schedules, however, the two connected and decided to go to see some Saturday night flicks. Brian’s son, Myott, took the opportunity to go hang out with Marcus, who was Tucker’s son of the same age. The two cousins enjoyed one another’s company and decided to hang out and play video games while their dads spent the evening together. As the night wore on, Myott and Marcus came up with a fun idea. They decided that, since they both were getting kinda horny, they would come up with a hot surprise for when their daddies finally came home—something even more fun and exciting than a late-night double feature at the cinema. The neighborly dads had no idea what they were about to walk into. Tucker let Brian into the house to pick up Myott. As they entered the living room, the two men came to a sudden halt and gasped. Their two little mischievous cherubs were in the living room buck-naked on the couch! With their asses sticking out, they both turned their heads to gaze with rehearsed coyness at their daddies. The two men gaped and drooled at the sight before them, as any man would! The boys smirked and giggled. Tucker and Brian turned to one another and slapped high-fives; this night was just getting better and better! As the randy youngsters gave one another wet, sloppy kisses, their daddies couldn’t get their clothes off nearly fast enough. But once they did… The moment that Myott’s tongue was released from Marcus’ delicious mouth, Brian’s tongue dove right into his son’s tender hole. Myott gripped the couch and pushed his perky ass back to give his daddy deeper access. Brian came up for air after a few minutes of delectable exploration, and his taste buds couldn’t have been more delightfully activated. Tucker followed his neighbor’s lead. Marcus gasped and shouted with elation as his own daddy licked his butthole, reaching depths not yet tasted. The wide-eyed, nearly delirious son begged his daddy to keep going. Tucker, hypnotized by flavor, had no intention of finishing any time soon. After quite a while, the daddies decided to switch places. Tucker wanted to find out what Brian had been raving about. Sure enough, once his tongue found its way inside his Myott’s hole, Tucker was hooked. That ass was like eating candy. No wonder why Brian was spending so much “quality time” with his son. He thought the four of them were going to have to spend more time all together—just like this! In the meantime Brian was receiving such spectacular head from Marcus that the brawny DILF felt like he might just be dreaming. No wonder why Tucker would rarely leave Marcus’s bedroom on the weekends! This was a well trained boy. And as for the boys, they were just so happy their plans went well. By the time Tucker and Brian had satisfied their nearly unquenchable lust for their boys, Marcus and Myott were already planning next Saturday night’s surprise…
13. Now Your Turn 22mn
I looked up at the clock and smiled. My son Marcus was on his way home from school and I’m not going to lie—I had been waiting all day for him. I intentionally hadn’t bothered to get dressed at all after my shower earlier in the morning. All I wanted was for my boy to hurry up and get home so we could go back to fooling around with each other again. As soon as I heard the front door open, I felt a stirring immediately begin in my loins. By the time Marcus made his way to the living room where I was sitting on the couch, my dick was hard and full of life. My son immediately dropped his backpack and stared at the sight before him. Like he didn’t already know, the smart alec casually asked what I was doing and why I was doing it. I simply asked him if he was wondering if I was waiting for him, and if he was, the answer was “yes.” But I also asked the boy if we could skip the cute games and he take the lead and show me what he wanted. Marcus shot me a crooked grin. Without another word, he stripped completely naked. As I watched my son’s big dick spring out of his underwear, I could feel a thick drop of precum ooze out of me. He seductively got down on all fours and scurried over to my cock with his tongue like a puppy’s, hanging out and panting. I know that my son fantasizes about sucking my dick when he’s (supposed to be) busy at school. Marcus admitted as much the other night while we were cuddling in bed. But man, I can’t say he hasn’t done his homework. He’s come up with some awesome and creative ways to perfectly stimulate all of the particularly sensitive places of my cock. I never have to encourage him to keep going. Truth is, if I let the little lad lick and lap at my schlong all day, he absolutely would. In fact, I was right on the verge of suggesting he do just that, but my own lust was running rampant. I needed that ass. I had Marcus jump up onto the couch next to me so I could get access to that boy hole of his. My son’s sweet, pink pucker momentarily stopped my breath. I honestly couldn’t believe how turned on I was by just the graze of my fingertips against my boy’s tiny hole. By the subsequent moans and groans I could tell that Marcus was, too. Soon, it was time to fuck. I had the entire day to fantasize about my boy’s smoking hot little body and all the ways I wanted to screw his brains out. I wondered how many different positions I would be able to pound the boy’s ass in before the little twink blew his wad all over the place. Those dirty, sexy, thrilling thoughts raced through my mind as I got down off the couch and onto my knees. I immediately drove my tongue straight into the luscious boy hole. I could rim for hours and hours on end, and sometimes feared I would. I knew full well, though, that I couldn’t hold off my orgasm for that long. I stood up and asked my boy if I could fuck him. The look of sheer eager bliss on my son’s face was all I needed to know. Once I was all the way inside his fuck tunnel, we both spontaneously cried out with joy and need. I fucked Marcus back against the couch cushions, his sexy legs up draped over my shoulders. I was really riding him. I was going to blow my load, but I could tell my son wanted to cum first. I took a deep breath and kept going. I concentrated on drilling him right in the center of his sweet spot. Only his Daddy can hit that spot the right way. Soon he blasted a wad so thick that it was unlike any orgasm he’d had before. The boy copiously came and shot farther than ever before. I was not long behind him. As Marcus gasped and shuddered with the power of his youthful, intense climax, I just couldn’t hold back any longer. I told the boy he’d have to tell me where he wanted my load… because it was gonna be a big one!
14. Number One Fan 25mn
Earlier that afternoon, Myott arrived at his uncle Mr. Bonds’ house shortly after school had let out, just like any other day. When Mr. Bonds opened the door to let his nephew inside, he could tell by the boy’s half crooked grin that something was up. Myott asked Mr. Bonds to join him in the study. The lively twink bounded up the stairs and hollered for his uncle to hurry up. There was something awesome that he wanted to share with his now-very-curious uncle. Once in the study, Myott set his backpack down and pulled out his laptop. He popped the portable computer open and turned the monitor on. The resulting visual stole the air out of Mr. Bonds' lungs. Easily one of the most amazing sights of his life appeared before him in dazzling 4k resolution. Apparently, without Mr. Bonds being aware of it, Myott had turned on a webcam during their last sex session. Mr. Bonds did not consider himself to be particularly shy or self-conscious, yet had Myott suggested that they film their love-making, he might have needed some time to consider it first. However, as the entranced elder eyed the computer screen, he couldn’t help but observe that any preconceived concerns he may have felt had clearly flown out the window. The secret recording of Myott and himself was one of the hottest things that he had ever seen. And on top of that, Mr. Bonds noticed that Myott had spent some time and attention on editing the video. The lad had most likely been working on this project not merely as an idle activity, but as a gift. Yet another intimate marvel for the two of them to share -- together. As the sex tape continued, Myott cooed and purred into his mesmerized uncle’s ear. Soon, the dark-haired boy’s hands shifted from the hulking DILF’s broad, massive shoulders down to his buff pecs. His touch indicated to Mr. Bonds that the action on the laptop was cranking the youngster up as well. Myott softly crooned in Mr. Bonds’ ear and asked him if he thought the video was any good. His drooling uncle looked up from his seat and smiled. Aside from being completely intoxicated by lust for his nephew, Mr. Bonds was genuinely impressed. More than that--he was damned proud of the boy. Truth be told, Myott was his absolute favorite person. And not only that, Mr. Bonds enthusiastically considered himself Myott’s number one fan. As for Myott, he was so in love with his Uncle Brian that he could hardly stand it sometimes. This knowledge of being passionately desired and adored by the dream DILF caused Myott to drop to his knees. He eagerly went to unzipping Uncle Brian’s fly and yanking his pants down. Myott had barely pulled the hunk's schlong free from the jockeys before he had the long, thick boner swallowed. His uncle stroked the boy’s face and hair as Myott kissed and licked the huge shaft. Yet as much as Mr. Bonds thoroughly enjoyed his sweet nephew’s oral skills, what he really wanted was the boy’s tight, tasty bottom. Mr. Bonds instructed his nephew to strip. Myott couldn't resist complying immediately, eagerly stripping off every piece of clothing. Mr. Bonds leaned back in his chair and stroked his dick as he watched. Once his boy was completely naked, the uncle ran his hands and mouth all over the moaning twink’s baby-smooth, porcelain skin. He squeezed the boy’s perfect ass cheeks and salivated over the ripe-and-ready boy hole. Mr. Bonds gently commanded Myott to move over and place his hands on the wall. After the boy did as told, his uncle suckled on the boy’s ear, his hands continuing its never-ending exploration of the young, tight body. The DILF trailed downward, dropped to his own knees, and began kissing and licking Myott’s precious, tender crack, and then, further within. Myott could barely stay on his feet, the sensations of his uncle’s magical tongue was so staggering and potent. All too soon, however, Mr. Bonds felt his animal instincts begin to stir and make their way to the surface. His swollen daddy dick was as hard as it had ever been—and that was saying something, given how much of each other they had already explored. Mr. Bonds finally rose back up to his feet and bent his twink nephew over the nearest table. There would be no gentle, patient penetration today; he was hurtling towards a complete loss of self-control. Myott’s sharp cries only drove Mr. Bonds closer to primal hysteria. The cries were not pain, or fear: they were carnal, and free. Myott was barely hanging on. He needed to cum. Badly. As his body was rocked violently from his uncle’s thrusts, he was only seconds away from begging. However, Myott was determined to last just as long as humanly possible. He loved it so much when he and his uncle came at the same time. All of this and more raced through the familial lovers’ minds as Mr. Bonds’ movements and fuck-thrusts were becoming more and more animalistic. He smacked Myott’s ass, barked filthy nothings, and pounded that smooth, tight bottom like a battering ram. Mr. Bonds galloped full throttle to a most expected, explosive climax. He grabbed onto his sweet, little twink nephew’s shoulders and buried his swollen, aching cock one final time. His orgasm simultaneously seized him up and rocked his body to shambles. Myott, like a good little lad, was mindful enough to elevate the intensity of his uncle’s experience by squeezing between his now well-experienced cheeks. As Mr. Bonds’ was drained, he couldn’t help but glance over at the forgotten laptop. Instead of a black screen, the sex tape appeared to be on an endless loop. The idea that Myott had the video set up so that it repeatedly played for them to enjoy, over and over, sent his eyes rolling back into his head yet again. Myott, too, couldn’t help but glance again at the screen. He wondered whether they would record another, and then hoped…
15. Nothing to Hide 24mn
Sunday afternoons are pretty chill here at the Barrett home. And on this particular day… it started off in a typical laid back fashion, but did not stay that way! I was in the kitchen, thinking of something to make my son Marcus and I for lunch. Suddenly, I heard a sharp, loud, moan coming from the boy’s bedroom. I smiled and chuckled to myself: Yep, he was at it again. I tip-toed down the hallway and peeked into my twinky little darling’s bedroom. My sweet, growing boy was at full-mast, huffing and puffing and really going at it! His eyes were wide open and laser-focused on his boy rod. So was I, and I absolutely adored the ways in which Marcus cooed cute, sexy little grunts while he madly tugged at his meat. Standing there in the doorway, I sucked in a breath as I watched, mesmerized. I deeply longed to join him. Then in a priceless moment, Marcus realized that I was standing in his doorway. It’s worth noting that the bedroom door to my son’s room was wide open. Clearly, Marcus was aware that I was home. Hmm. I decided to just cut to the chase and flat out asked the boy— “Did you want me to find you like this?” —all the while never taking my eyes off my son’s cock. I couldn’t help but notice it was stiffer since my arrival. The cheeky little devil just smirked and nodded with what I could have sworn was satisfaction. My dick jumped at the thought that surely I had somehow become my own son’s constant desire, a craving with seemingly no beginning or end. And as Marcus unabashedly continued to stroke his wood, I thought about the ways in which my son expressed and delighted in his sexuality. Though still learning and growing as a sexual being, Marcus had already honed in on, and quickly discovered, several distinct primal tastes and sexual outlets. Our bedroom relationship has continued to grow and evolve; Marcus straight up admitted to me that my daddy dick is definitely one of his favorite things—and I love that! I am also aware, though, that sometimes the boy needs to spend some alone time in his bedroom where he is free to tend to his own needs uninhibited and uninterrupted. But today was certainly not going to end up being one of those days—and Marcus sure didn’t seem to be bothered by that fact! Once my suspicions were validated of what the boy wanted, I couldn’t help but slide right next to him on his bed. Marcus continued touching himself, except now with me so close next to him, his boyish maneuvers became slightly more erratic and impulsive. May the sex gods have mercy, I just wanted to touch his ever-swelling cock already! So I kissed my son on the face as he moaned. Then I gently placed my hand on his and helped him tug. He rolled his head back against me and moaned even louder as I took control of the boy’s boner. We spent quite some time taking turns handling the breathless twink’s erection. Marcus would work himself up into quite a sexy lather in the moments where he let me stroke him while he gently kneaded and massaged his balls. My own primal needs quickly overtook me. I yanked off the boy’s skimpy briefs and peeled off my own pants. Soon, without any extra guidance or counseling, Marcus grabbed ahold of my private parts. I couldn’t help but emit long, shaky breaths as my son licked and kissed my massive daddy meat. Soon, I instructed the boy to get on all fours and hold on tight. Marcus hummed and tittered at my every word and touch now. I rewarded my lovely lad with a rim job that I promise he’ll never forget. The hollering boy’s hole was opening up to me the deeper I buried my tongue inside his sweet, sensitive love tunnel. Only in the moment where Marcus began to beg me to squeeze my cock inside of him did I change course. If I’m being perfectly honest with you, I easily could have spent the rest of our Sunday together dining on my son’s exquisite entry. My fatherly duty to love and care for his son overrode my own needs, though. As Marcus continued to plead for my cock deep inside of him, I suddenly had nothing but the driving desire to seed my boy. If you cared to know just how many positions I made love, had sex, and fucked my favorite boy , I couldn’t tell you. Honestly, with all of the heightened, erotically earnest, passionate bed-rocking that we engaged in, I lost count. Instead, I’ll recount one of my favorite moments: As Marcus and I lie on our sides—him the little spoon, me the big spoon—I slowly, savoringly re-entered his tight boy-chute while I wrapped my arms around my son’s petite, well-toned build. Marcus cried out with astonished ecstasy as the engorged tip of my cock sunk into my son’s sweet spot. Marcus lost all control, arched his back, tried to twist from side-to-side, and then shot a load that quite frankly, I won’t soon forget. The massive cumshot that I pumped into the twink’s perky, perfect ass—well, Marcus won’t allow me to forget those these days. He can’t stop talking about it..!
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