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Troop time Chapter 9: hands-on scouting

November 04, 2021 | Full Length Video : 27min 5sec

I sometimes wonder whether becoming a scout leader was the right thing to do. It felt amazing at first. I was back out there, under the big sky, breathing clean air, passing on all of the knowledge and skills I’d accrued over the years to a younger generation. I was inspiring the boys to be better versions of themselves. I’ve genuinely never felt so alive.

The problem is that there must be something in all that fresh air and clean living which makes me horny. Being surrounded by teenagers has clearly made me feel like a teenager again. I’m constantly hard, I’ve got sex on the brain…

When one ...More

When one of the scouts, young Marcus, made a pass at me the other week, I immediately caved into temptation and banged that boy’s ass so hard I’m surprised he can still walk! I literally broke every rule in every book about being a scout leader, and to make matters worse, I shared the same boy with another scout leader last week. I’m completely out of control!

This afternoon, to take my mind off Marcus and to try to focus on more healthy pursuits, I took a pair of boys out into the forest to practise rope tying. I didn’t know either of them particularly well, in fact I had to ask another scoutmaster what their names were!

I’d been told all about them during my campfire night with Scoutmaster Dietrich. Cole and Jack had apparently been caught with their dicks out of their pants on countless occasions. These two kids were playing with each other and playing hard. I struggled not to obsess over the thought, but my horny mind kept returning to the idea of these boys stripped naked and hard.

I knew the others weren’t due back to camp for at least an hour and that I’d have all that time to kill with them. I could feel my face flushing red. My brain was screaming at me not to make a pass, but the blood rushing to my dick was telling me I’d regret it if I didn’t. The more I looked at those boys, the sexier they got. I caught Cole’s eye and the look he gave me in return immediately lit a fire in my loins.

I found myself moving closer to him. It was like I was being drawn into him by some sort of powerful magnet. Then I heard myself muttering something about knowing the two of them had been fooling around together before I pulled him into me and we started kissing.

Then I grabbed Jack’s belt and, for a while, I was kissing the boys in turn. It was full on, deep, wet, mature kissing. You’d never guess it, but those boys certainly knew exactly what they were doing.

I started to undress them, unbuttoning their tight uniform shirts and unwrapping a pair of soft, smooth teenaged torsos. Before long, Cole was undressing me. Then we were in one of the tents, my dick was out of my pants, and the boys were on their knees desperate for a taste of my dick!

Jack was the first to get his mouth wrapped around me, but Cole was soon joining in, sucking me like his life depended on it. Jack’s got this perfect all-American smile, and it was an absolute pleasure to ram my rock hard cock into it!

I enjoyed calling the shots, periodically instructing the boys to kiss each other, then telling Cole to suck Jack while Jack pleasured me. I was amazed and impressed by how compliant they were and I got hugely excited imagining all the bad things I could get them doing!

When Jack began sucking Cole’s dick, I got behind him and started getting his peachy ass good and wet before making them switch positions so that I could get my tongue and fingers deep inside Cole’s enticing hole.

I lined my raw dick up against Cole’s ass and started pushing myself into him from behind. I could tell he was gritting his teeth, and trying to regulate his breathing as I slipped further inside him. And then I was balls deep and fucking this horny little devil as he kissed and sucked an over-stimulated Jack.

Cole’s ass felt amazing, and kissing Jack while banging it was a sensational experience. As I fucked Cole, I kept looking at Jack, reminding him that I’d be inside him soon enough. I started really pounding Cole at that point, really just to see how hard he could take it. I was impressed.

I pulled out, pushed Cole aside and got Jack to crawl to the place where Cole had been. Jack was even tighter than Cole and, for a moment, I struggled to get inside him, repeatedly needing to remind him to breathe deeply to stave off the pain. But it was worth it. I fucked him good and hard and he moaned and groaned in deep pleasure!

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Scout Cole is a model for others to look up to. Tall, handsome, well educated, fit, knows his knots, and gets along great with scouts and scout leaders alike. The older men know they can trust Cole to lead in their place, often putting him in charge of smaller adventures with newer scouts. He’s handy with a compass and rope, making him a natural when it comes to hiking in the great outdoors. Beneath the well decorated uniform is a well developed young man, with not only a warm, friendly spirit, but a big cock as well!

Played by Cole Blue

Scout Jack Bailey is not a boy that is the best at making a good first impression. Despite having a killer all-American boy smile that could charm just about anyone who saw it, the boy was too timid for his own good. He finds himself getting tongue-tied around anybody that he wants to impress, especially the older men in his troop.

It seems as though Jack’s confidence evaporates around the older men who catch his attention. It’s nervous and exciting learning about the effect his smooth skin and killer smile had on the masters of the camp. He just needs to be a little more brave when it comes to interacting with his fellow campers. Jack knows that if he is brave enough to follow through with something, like signing up for the Scouts, he usually ends up enjoying it. The boy doesn’t exactly know what was waiting for him at camp, but he finds himself wanting to fully enjoy all of the time he was spending with the masters who were giving him guidance.

Played by Jack Bailey

Played by Jax Thirio
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Troop Time

Troop Time: Chapters
2. Scary Camp Stories 22mn
Young scouts Austin and Jack finish their evening chores and join Scoutmaster Cox in their tent. Tired from a full day adventuring out in the woods, they climb into their sleeping bags to get a good night's sleep right next to their scoutmaster. But Austin can't stop thinking about Scoutmaster Cox laying beside him. Looking at the Scoutmaster's handsome face, the young boy imagines what he looks like underneath his uniform. Scoutmaster Cox finishes reading and lays down in his sleeping bag just inches from the young boy. Being careful not to wake his fellow scout, Austin slowly unzips his sleeping bag and reaches over to touch Scoutmaster Cox. The not-quite-asleep Scoutmaster smiles as the young boy pulls his sleeping bag down and starts to caress the older man's cock through his pants, before the scout leader reaches for the tiny young boy's body and they slowly unzip one another’s pants to wrap their hands around the other's now hard cock. The young boy holds his Scoutmaster's big cock as the older man gets the young boy's pants down, exposing the hard dick sticking out from the top of his underwear. Pulling Austin's underwear down, Scoutmaster Cox can't resist putting the young boy's cock into his eager mouth. The older man licks and sucks on his scout's throbbing hardon as Austin does his best to keep his moaning from waking Jack, still sleeping right next to them. The Scoutmaster puts the tiny, naked Austin onto his hands and knees and licks the young boy's smooth, tight butthole with his tongue as Austin's moans get louder, threatening to wake the young scout just inches away. Scoutmaster Cox gets the boy's fresh young butthole nice and wet and moves up to slide his hard cock between Austin's butt cheeks. As the older man enters the young boy's tight hole, he puts his hand over Austin’s mouth to stop him from being too loud with his moans. But the older man pounding his hard cock into the young boy's butt and Austin's muffled whimpers are enough to wake Jack, who rolls over to see what is happening. Scoutmaster Cox invites the now awake Jack to join them, and Jack eagerly pulls down his pants and positions his now erect cock inches from Austin's face. Austin eagerly starts to suck on his fellow scout’s hard boner as Scoutmaster Cox continues thrusting in and out of the boy’s tight hole. After some intense pounding, the Scoutmaster rolls the young naked boy onto his back and repositions his big, bulging cockhead against Austin's tiny hole. As he thrusts his huge dick in, Austin moans as he continues to suck his fellow scout’s long, hard cock. With the young boy's butthole squeezing his Scoutmaster's hard cock, pre-cum escapes the tip of his dick and lands on his smooth stomach. As Jack is being sucked off by Austin, he leans in to kiss his Scoutmaster on the lips. After several minutes of intense pounding, Austin cannot hold back any longer and shoots his warm, sweet, sticky load all over his tight belly. The sight of his friend cumming puts Jack over the edge, and he adds his load to Austin's chest and stomach as well. Austin continues to squeeze his Scoutmaster's cock with his boyhole until the older man shoots in him. After pulling out of the young boy, some of his load escapes from Austin's smooth young butthole. As the older man and the two young boys regain a little of their composure, Scoutmaster Cox announces it's time for bed.
3. Setting Up Camp 20mn
Scouts Ian and Mark are learning a valuable skill in the wilderness: navigation by compass. Taught to use the tool by Scoutmaster Angus, the scouts are tasked with the selection of a suitable campsite. It needs to be flat enough to accommodate a tent but graded enough to allow water to disperse in case it rains. It also needs to be sheltered enough from potential wind and situated so it’s not going to be inundated by runoff from surrounding elevation. A lot goes into planning a successful campsite and Scoutmaster Angus is near at hand to monitor the boys’ progress, grade their success, and perhaps most importantly, guide them with a strong but gentle touch. Scoutmaster Angus maintains close contact with a large hand on each of their small buttocks while they bend to clear the campsite of debris. As much as it is a reward for their progress, a kiss from their bearded mentor is also a tease for their young libidos. With the task complete, the scoutmaster invites the boys back to his tent. During the trek, Ian carries on toward his goal while young Mark is waylaid by their leader. The boy couldn’t keep his eyes off his scoutmaster’s crotch all day, which had not gone unnoticed. The handsome scoutmaster bends his young adoring scout against a tree for an oral exploration of the boy’s anus. Angus loves hearing Mark whimper as he pushes his tongue into the young boy’s tight sphincter. The sound of the boy’s soft and trembling moans is a huge turn on, and Angus quickly finds himself needing to release his girthy erection from the confines of his form-fitting uniform pants. When his scoutmaster suddenly withdraws his tongue and stands up, Mark feels desperate for this activity to continue. He badly wants Angus to continue playing with his body, and is thrilled when he feels the massive head of his scoutmaster’s cock nudge his boyhole. Driven by desire, the boy lifts his little rump, arches his back and begins pushing back onto the head of Angus’ swollen member. Angus loves seeing the expression on a boy’s face as he pushes into his tiny rectum, slowly stretching a boy open with just the head of his cock. While warming up his little companion, he slowly pushes an inch or two of his incredibly thick cock into the scout’s smaller body, causing him to make the cutest little sounds. When he senses the boy was ready he slowly pushes his girthy manhood all the way into his young companion, bottoming out with his huge testicles resting on the boy’s smooth taint. Once the boy is warmed up, Angus grabs the boy’s tiny waist and thrusts into him over and over with long powerful strokes. Copulation between males has been part of scouting tradition from the start, with many scouts and their leaders enjoying their bodies in nature. Scouts fortunate enough to endear themselves to Scoutmaster Angus have enjoyed the man’s attention, his friendship, and, when things have turned sexual, his patient guidance. Of course, patience and a gentle touch only seem practical given that the scoutmaster sports an endowment with the circumference thicker than a soda can. The sounds of Mark’s whimpers are almost enough to push Angus over the edge. Again and again he pushes into the boy’s backside and relishes the dual sensations of hearing the boy panting and feeling the boy’s little hole tightly squeeze the full length of his cock. But while Angus is enjoying Scout Mark’s rectum wrapped around his cock, his other scout, Ian, has recently found himself alone on the trail. Ian suspects he knows what has happened to the other two, and a combination of excitement and hormones has him excited as he hunts for his companions. He finds them in the act of coitus,exactly as he suspected. And he is quick to let Scoutmaster Angus know he hopes to join in on the fun. The prospect of plowing both boys back and forth is all the encouragement Scoutmaster Angus needs. Guiding the boys to his scoutmaster’s tent, Scoutmaster Angus observes their eagerness as they remove one another’s clothes. No encouragement is needed to get the boys kissing each other and him. Stripped completely out of their uniforms, Angus once again mounts Mark to continue where he left off. Excited to see the boy skewered from both ends, he directs Ian to feed Mark his penis while he continues plowing the boy. Guessing Mark is close to orgasm, the scoutmaster has the boys switch places. And now it's Ian’s turn to demonstrate that he can accommodate a penis at both ends with genuine enthusiasm. Stacking the boys on top of each other, Scoutmaster Angus takes a moment to admire their tiny pink holes arranged in what he calls “chariot position.” Unable to resist, he takes turns mounting the boys one after the other, working each boy with his broad shaft. For nearly an hour the scoutmaster’s tent is filled with the sounds of his manly grunts and the boyish moans. Angus has Mark flip on his back to take his member deeper for a short time, before unloading healthy ropes of semen on the boy’s abdomen and genitals. Happy to engage with their healthy curiosity, Angus answers questions the boys have about ejaculate, and does so while using it as a lubricant to enter the anus of each boy in turn, setting the stage for the trio to start having fun all over again.
4. Scout Skills 36mn
Scoutmaster Dietrich is a little bit mischievous. Sure, he knows he has his responsibilities as a leader and a mentor, but he can’t help but want to relive the exciting memories of his scouting experiences. He loves the sexual tension that comes from being outdoors with your fellow troop members all day, encouraging each other to try new things. Not to mention, some guys just look good in a khaki uniform. Dietrich sees a lot of his younger self in Cole, an elite scout who exemplifies both physical exceptionalism as well as commitment to the troop. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the scoutmaster is aware of his massive cock! During a recent camping trip, Scoutmaster Dietrich noticed a little connection between him and Scout Mark. He knows the young man can be a bit quiet and reserved, but he sees his face really light up whenever he’s around the handsome Scout Cole. The older scoutmaster knew that if he could get the two of them together, sparks would fly! Dietrich pulled the boys aside and asked if they’d be willing to help him with a special project. The boys were more than happy to help, wanting to make a good impression on their senior leader. They thought at first they might be going to chop wood or make a fire. Instead, the tall older man led them into his tent. It was a little weird at first. Scouts weren’t supposed to be in their leader’s tents. It was against the rules, even with all they’d experienced before. Still, their hearts raced, knowing they were doing something they shouldn’t do. Dietrich’s cock began to throb as he closed the door to his tent, excited to play boy matchmaker and voyeur to what was about to happen. He asked if they’d ever done anything with each other, and the boys blushed. It was clear they’d thought about it, but never acknowledged it—least of all to each other. They smiled and looked at each other, aware their secret desires were being brought out into the light of day. Dolf remembered what that was like and it put a big smile on his face. He suggested the boys try kissing, just to see what it felt like. They hesitated, not sure if they should, but when the scoutmaster put his hand on Mark’s inner thigh, it was clear this was going to be another off-the-books adventure! Cole leaned in and kissed Mark. It was delicate and sweet, almost as if it was a dare more than anything else. It felt nice. A little strange, but really nice. Cole loved how Mark’s lips felt on his, and he even felt himself getting a little excited. He placed a hand on Mark’s crotch, groping him through his shorts as the scoutmaster continued to watch on. “That feel good?” Dietrich asked, watching as Mark responded to both of their touches. It felt so wrong, but Mark clearly wanted more. Cole began to kiss on his neck as Dolf directed them. The older man gently moved a hand up Mark’s shorts, grabbing at his swollen cock as Cole made out with him. Mark was dizzy with desire. He didn’t know what was turning him on more: Cole’s passionate kissing or Dolf’s paternal guidance. He didn’t stop to question it, though. Instead, he took the older man’s help in taking off his clothes, stripping down as he and Cole began to explore his body. Dietrich told Cole to remove his clothes, watching as the young man revealed his smooth, athletic body and massive cock. It was a thing of beauty to see. Big, thick, and veiny. Dietrich wanted to suck it himself, but he was more interested in seeing the sweet, young Mark give it a taste. Continuing to direct their play, the scoutmaster told Mark to suck it, giving him permission to indulge in his fantasy. Mark couldn’t believe what was happening. He looked up at Cole, seeing the subtle nod he was given. He brought his mouth down on it, feeling it slide over his tongue and press between his lips. It was amazing. It was so warm and smooth, yet hard as steel! He swallowed it down, trying to take as much of it as he could. He was so focused on trying to make Cole feel good, he didn’t even notice his scoutmaster pulling out his own cock. Dietrich watched, stroking, as Mark worshipped Cole’s cock. The scoutmaster could have cum just from watching the two hot boys in action, but his own desire to recapture his glory days became too strong. He brought his cock up to Mark’s mouth, giving him the chance to taste it as well. Mark couldn’t believe his good fortune, letting go of Cole’s big cock to sample Dietrich’s. Mark sucked on his scoutmaster, hungry to feel it in the back of his throat. With each lap of his tongue, he became even more ravenous, unable to be satiated. He wanted more. More cock, more scoutmaster, more Cole, more of it all! Dietrich could see Mark would need to be fucked. And between him and Cole, he knew that Mark wasn’t leaving that tent without a hole full of scout boy jizz!
5. Rope Tying 17mn
Dad was right about joining the Scouts. He told me I’d have experiences I’d never forget. He talked about halcyon days, the pine-scented air, the sense of camaraderie... What he didn’t mention was the sex! And now, of course, I’ll never be able to look at my Dad in the same way again! If it was anything like as raunchy in his day as it is now… Woh! Scoutmaster Angus tells me I’m already a promising Scout. He also tells me I’ve got a bigger dick than most of the other boys. I’m also much taller, so he’s encouraging me to explore my natural dominance. That’s what he calls it, anyway. I’m trying my hardest to please him and figure I’m doing pretty well. When I came to camp for the first time, I guess I was really quiet and nervous. Now I’ve realized that shy boys get nothing. It’s the confident boys who call the shots and get what they want… And I want Ian real bad. He’s so cute. He’s quite short and small but he looks so adorable in his uniform. I could tell he was into me. The other day, we went into the forest to gather wood for the bonfire. We both needed to pee and I could see him looking at my dick, so I threw him against a tree and fucked him. It felt amazing. This afternoon, the two of us went back into the forest to practice rope-tying. Scoutmaster Angus tells us it’s a skill we all need to hone and to please him we should practice it as often as possible. It struck me today that there’s something quite naughty about rope. With the right set of knots tied in the right kind of places, you could entirely incapacitate someone and basically do what you wanted to them! You should have seen the look on Ian’s face when I tied him up against a tree! He did not see it coming! It only took a couple of ropes around the chest and the legs and he was like a turkey trussed up for Thanksgiving! I played a really cool prank on him by pretending to walk away. He’d never have got himself free. He looked mad as hell! Obviously I came back, but instead of untying him, I pulled his shorts down! I was gonna smack his little booty like a bad boy, but it looked way too inviting. I just had to have it again! We started kissing and I yanked his head to the side so I could get in there without having a face full of tree bark! As we kissed, it struck me that Ian had probably been playing with Scoutmaster Angus as well. I guess the jock said it all. Angus gave me a remarkably similar one the first time we made out. I felt a little pang of jealousy. I know The Scoutmaster likes some of the other boys, I’ve even played around with him and someone else, but there’s always that irrational thought of what it would be like to be the one he doesn’t share. He’s such an amazing guy. Thinking about The Scoutmaster definitely made me channel him! I slapped Ian’s butt cheek, dropped to my knees and got my tongue real deep into his hole, just like Scoutmaster Angus does. I wanted to get it good and wet and nice and ready. Ian was obviously having a good time, groaning and moaning and all that, still tied to the tree! Jeez, that made me feel horny! I must have been channeling The Scoutmaster a little bit too effectively because I suddenly heard his voice! It near as hell made me jump! “What’s going on here?” That’s what he said. I couldn’t tell if he was pissed. Perhaps I’d taken the dominance a bit far? Perhaps rope technique needs to be reserved for putting up tents or tethering boats? He made it clear pretty quick that he was actually quite pleased with me. “Looks like you’re getting him ready for me,” he said, winking. I grinned and kept pushing my tongue as far as I could into Ian’s little hole while the Scoutmaster got his giant dick out. He walked over, not taking his eyes off of me, before pulling down my shorts and rubbing my dick. He may be more than twice my age, but Scoutmaster Angus is hot as hell! Hairy, stocky, masculine. He knows all the moves and always has something new up his sleeve. At one point he wiped a little bubble of pre-cum off of the end of my dick, then pushed it into my mouth before kissing me passionately. It felt so intimate and special. I felt like his boy. I couldn’t quite believe it when Angus told to me to fuck Ian! I genuinely thought he’d want to do it himself - or at least have first dibs! I lined my cock up with Ian’s ass, and pushed myself inside real fast. My dick slid in like a warm knife goes into butter! Ian took every inch of me, almost hungrily, before gripping all those internal muscles around my shaft! I kept looking over at Scoutmaster Angus. We had a real thing going. Proper eye-contact. He kissed me as I fucked Ian. I guess I wanted to fuck fast and hard, but because Angus was there, I tried to take things more slowly. I’ve seen him fucking boys a few times now, and he always takes it quite steadily. He sort of grinds his dick into them and never rushes. He told me to pull out so that he could take over. I think he might have been aware that I was about to blow my load! It was good to watch him fucking Ian. I made a few mental notes about how effective certain strokes are. One day I wanna fuck like that!! We tag-teamed for a bit. He pulled out. I went back in. I pulled out. He took over. I found myself pummelling Ian a bit harder and faster every time I got back inside him. I genuinely couldn’t help myself. Besides, I liked the hollow, slapping noise my balls were making as I slammed myself into his solid ass. I was still fucking Ian when The Scoutmaster suddenly shot his load. He didn’t give much warning, but I had the sudden impulse to pull out of Ian so that Angus could cum all over my dick. The idea was really sexy in my head but so much hornier in reality. He coated my dick with his spunk pretty well, so I pushed it back into Ian’s ass, all covered in Scoutmaster juice. It suddenly felt more loose and slippery up there. Like someone had squirted oil. I knew I was going to cum, and I knew it was going to be a big, watery load, so I pulled out to show Scoutmaster Angus. I thought he’d like it, and he seemed to! I really did shoot big: all over Ian’s pale, white ass cheek. The Scoutmaster pulled his shorts back up and walked away, telling me to untie Ian and return to camp as soon as possible. He made it sound a bit like he was angry, but I knew he wasn’t. He was proud of me, but that needed to be our little secret. I’m going to have to find ways to make him even prouder in the future…
6. Scary Camp Stories 19mn
This is my first time at Scout camp. I think I always wanted to join the Scouts but always felt a bit nervous about the idea of being away from home! It’s not that I’m a Mommy’s boy - it’s just that the kids in High School who were in the Scouts tended to be the ones who got into fights and skipped classes. And that just didn’t seem much like me… I’ll confess - I only decided to sign up for this particular summer camp when I heard that this dream-some guy in the year above me was also going. I decided it was meant to be. You can imagine how disappointed I was when I got here and discovered he’d changed his mind and gone off to theater camp instead! But, hey, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and all that, and it turns out the Scouts is exactly my sort of thing! I took my pledge of honor with Scoutmaster Fantana. I was so nervous and had no idea what to expect but he made me feel really special. When a powerful man like that, a man you respect so much, shows that he’s interested in you, well, it makes you feel that little bit more confident, doesn’t it? Scoutmaster Fantana is amazing. He’s not all that tall, but he’s got these really deep, almost sad, grey eyes. And his body is incredible. He’s so ripped!! When he first took his shirt off in front of me, I was amazed. He’s not hairy like the other Scout leaders, but he kind of radiates strength! And when I saw his massive, veiny dick completely hard - for me - I couldn’t contain my excitement. I knew instantly that he was the one to have my virginity. I mean, it hurt like hell, but he went in as gently as he could. And the pain was totally worth it for the pleasure I gave him. I didn’t realize that what happened between us would instantly give me a taste for more. I found myself wandering around the camp, looking at the other Scouts, trying to work out if they’d also had some kind of sexual awakening! A rumor went around that another Scout, Austin, was fooling around with some of the other Scout Leaders and so I made sure we got some quiet time together! I guess Austin is the complete opposite of Fantana. He’s short and looks very young, but there’s also something really sexy about him. He looks at you like he knows stuff! And boy does he know stuff! We crept into an empty tent and he fucked me as well! I was a little nervous when Scoutmaster Fantana suggested Austin and I join him for a night trek. He told us he’d pitched a tent in the middle of the forest and it was up to us to use compasses and a set of clues to find it. It was the first time I’d spent any time with him since, well, since he took me, and I was embarrassed on one hand, but also wary because I didn’t want him to start liking Austin more than he liked me… We reached the tent in the middle of the night and the three of us got into our sleeping bags. I was in the middle. The Scout leader said good night and we settled down but I could instantly tell that Austin was feeling all horny. I was terrified that Fantana would discover we’d been together but Austin unzipped his sleeping bag and curled up behind me. It felt really warm and cozy at first, but then he started kissing my neck and sort of pulsing his hips into me and I got rock hard! It felt so horny and naughty to be kissing him and silently feeling him up while the Scoutmaster slept. Of course, we soon got all carried away. I got on top of Austin and we were grinding into each other, like they do in the movies. Then I started sucking him, real deep and sensual. I loved that Austin was trying to keep quiet even though he really wanted to moan - probably as loud as he moaned when we were last together, which is loud! I kept looking over at the Scoutmaster to check he wasn’t stirring, but he seemed to be fast asleep. In the end Austin couldn’t help himself, and he let out this really loud groan. It would have been quite funny had it not instantly woken Fantana up! He turned around and basically caught us in the act. I was mortified. I felt like I’d let him down somehow. But he just murmured something about knowing what was going on and then going down on Austin’s dick himself!! I felt a massive rush of jealousy as I watched him sucking Austin, but when took his underwear down, revealed that giant dick of his and said, “Who wants it?”- I knew it had to be me. I squatted down and sucked him as hard and as deep as I could. I kinda needed him to want me more than he wanted Austin. I was Fantana’s boy and that wasn’t gonna change. Austin, of course, then started sucking the Scoutmaster and it looked like he was really enjoying the experience. So, I got back on Fantana’s cock and sucked it harder and harder. My body was shaking. I wanted him with every fiber! Austin got behind me and started sticking his tongue into my hole. It felt amazing, but I was really relieved when Fantana swung me around, plainly wanting to fuck me… It really wasn’t very long at all before the Scoutmaster’s cock was gently rocking inside me. I was pleased that he didn’t push it in too far at first. It gave me a chance to get used to it. It was really kinda sexy to be feeling him inside me one end while also sucking Austin’s beautiful dick. It was a sensation of total pleasure, you know? Like I was somehow their toy. The thing they both needed… The Scoutmaster made Austin bend over. I didn’t really want him to stop fucking me, and certainly didn’t want him to fuck Austin, but the whole thing felt quite natural and the Scoutmaster kept looking down at me with those deep, grey eyes. It felt like we were sharing a moment. Just me and him. I was pleased when he asked me to get on my back so that he could fuck me again, this time from the front. I guess he wanted to look down at me so we could lock eyes again and he could see in my face the way I felt about what he was doing to me. I started sucking Austin again. Sometimes he’d lean over and kiss me. It felt intimate. Sadly, Scoutmaster Fantana was soon asking to fuck Austin again, so we got Austin on his back and I held him in my arms as Fantana pounded him. Austin’s way more experienced than me, and could take it much harder. The Scoutmaster really started going for it and it must have triggered something in Austin because he suddenly started gasping and before I could work out what was happening, great shards of spunk were flying out of him onto his stomach! I stroked Austin’s chest and Fantana kept fucking him until he shot inside Austin’s ass. You could see the great blob of Scoutmaster spunk there on the hole once he’d pulled out. Then it was time for bed and just like that, he was just our Scoutmaster again. But I didn't cum! I lay there all night, wishing he was still inside me!
7. First-Aid Training 18mn
My name is Cameron and I’m new to the Scouts. It actually took me quite a long time to pluck up the courage to join. I play a lot of sports, I’ve got pretty decent judgement, I love problem-solving, I’m a good map-reader… My only reservation about joining was that I’m also attracted to guys! I know what you’re thinking! Why would that be a problem? You go to Scout camp, and you’re completely surrounded by guys. But what if one of them catches me looking at him and gets angry? What if I get hard in the showers? What if I say something stupid in my sleep and suddenly become a laughing stock? I don’t altogether know what I was worrying about. It turns out that Scout camp is actually a LOT of fun. I’ve made some amazing friends, I’ve learned some great skills and the Scoutmasters are really cool. My best friend here is Jack. I guess I usually find myself attracted to older, bigger men, but Jack is really handsome. We share a tent, and I certainly hope I don’t talk in my sleep because I’ve had some crazy dreams about him! My favourite Scoutmaster is Scoutmaster Cox. He’s so handsome. He comes across as a little aloof, I guess, but that just makes me more keen to impress him. He has this old-school moustache which makes him look a little like a matinee idol! Jack and I got called into his office the other day. Neither of us has any experience with first aid, and Scoutmaster Cox felt it was important we learned the basics. He introduced us to Scoutmaster Wolf who's apparently something of an expert. Neither of us had seen him before, but from the moment he walked into the room, I literally couldn’t take my eyes off of him. If I’d have drawn my ideal man, he’d have looked and sounded a lot like Scoutmaster Wolf; confident, incredibly tall, broad and with a really sexy, low voice. He talked a lot about first aid. I tried to take it in, but if I’m honest I was just staring at him, imagining all sorts of inappropriate things! I guess I was a little disappointed when he said he needed a volunteer and asked Jack to come and sit on the table. Jack, of course, seemed more than happy to get up close with the handsome man. I sometimes wonder if Jack is into dudes as well. I occasionally see him exchanging quite intense looks with Scoutmaster Cox. I’m sure it’s just wishful thinking, but part of me wonders if there’s something going on between them. Scoutmaster Wolf got Jack on the table and used these wooden splints to demonstrate what to do if someone breaks a leg. He showed us all sorts of cool tricks including how to use our neckerchiefs to tie the leg to the splint. Wolf then asked Jack to take his pants off so that we could assess his “injury” properly before getting me to demonstrate what I’d learned. It turned out I hadn’t learned that much! I was useless, so Scoutmaster Wolf asked me to take my pants off so that Jack could practise on me. I don’t know what came over me, but I heard myself telling Wolf I wanted to practise tying a splint to HIS leg. I was astounded when he actually agreed! He dropped his pants to reveal quite long boxers, but I literally couldn’t take my eyes off his crotch. His bulge was enormous! My mind, of course, went entirely blank. There was something so incredible about the experience of wrapping my kerchief around his thigh, knowing it had been around my neck. I kept getting my knots wrong, but he was very understanding. I got all tongue tied. Then he asked if I was making him nervous - smiling at me with those beautiful, deep blue eyes. Of course, I was nervous! Scoutmaster Wolf got me to hop back onto the table again. He put me into the splint and started pulling my legs around. I couldn’t help it. I could feel my dick getting harder and harder and it was so obvious. I didn’t know where to look. I wanted the earth to swallow me up. But he just laughed and said “boys will be boys. There’s nothing to be ashamed of.” He asked if I was getting excited. I lied and said no. Then he said “if it helps, I’m getting excited too…” I looked at his bulge and was really shocked to see it had doubled in size! None of this stopped me feeling embarrassed, of course. Scoutmaster Cox and Jack were both still in the room, staring at me. My instinct was that they were all poking fun at me, but Scoutmaster Wolf was getting harder and harder… He told me to lean back on the table and pulled my shirt up so he could see my hard dick in my underpants. He said it was impressive. My head started spinning. He asked if I wanted to touch his bulge. I nodded. He pulled my hand over to his crotch. It was the first time in my life that I’d touched a hard dick - apart from my own, of course. It felt so good. Scoutmaster Wolf then told me to look over at Jack, who was also touching himself. Wolf carefully took the flint off of me and then started squeezing and caressing my bulge. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Scoutmaster Cox leaning over Jack and touching him like Wolf was touching me. Moments later, Wolf pulled my underpants off. I looked across at Jack to see that he had his dick in Scoutmaster Cox’ mouth! Plainly they’d done that before! Wolf took my shirt off. I think he was a little surprised by my torso. I’ve been working out a lot recently. I guess you don’t really expect a young blond guy like me to have a six pack, but I suppose I’ve been trying to sculpt myself in the hope that I might eventually turn a nice guy’s head. My dick was so hard it was almost pressing against my belly button. I could hear Jack moaning as Cox sucked him off, and the whole room felt like it was throbbing with horniness. The Scoutmaster took things really slowly with me. I think he was aware that every time he touched me I shivered. He called Jack across, and told him to sit down in front of me and suck me off. I couldn’t believe the sensation. It made me feel all fizzy. I’d always wanted to know how it would feel to have someone’s mouth on my dick, but had no idea it would be that good! My body went into spasms, then started tingling, like ripples of pleasure were bursting from my dick and rolling out in all directions across my body. Cox pulled Jack away. I wondered if he was feeling a bit jealous. I felt perhaps Jack was Scoutmaster Cox’ special boy. Scoutmaster Wolf came back to me and started playing with my dick again, encouraging me to do the same to him. I pulled his giant dick out of his underpants and started to kiss and suck it. I did what felt right and copied what Jack had done to me. I tried to get as much of it into my mouth as I could but it made me gag a bit. Jack and Cox watched as Scoutmaster Wolf lay down on the table - his dick sticking high in the air. I carried on sucking it. I tried to suck hard, and then I flicked my tongue around the head, trying to give him as much pleasure as I could. I climbed onto the table and squatted over the Scoutmaster so that our dicks were rubbing against each other. He licked his fingers and brought them round to my ass. I sort of knew what was coming. I didn’t know how it would feel but I knew he wanted to push himself inside me. I was terrified, of course, but, in the overwhelming sexiness of the moment, I allowed him to do what he wanted. I lined my hole up with the tip of his dick and sort of sat down on it. Part of me imagined that it was going to just slide in. But it was enormous and I had to focus so hard. I didn’t think it was ever going to go in, but suddenly I felt it moving inside me, and I was sliding down Scoutmaster Wolf’s shaft. I had no idea what I was meant to do. I could feel Jack watching and wanted to ask him, but instead I went with what felt right, and started rocking myself up and down. I felt like it was going straight into my stomach, it was the most intense feeling, but I just wanted to ride it harder and faster. After a while, Wolf asked me to pull out and turn around so that I had my back to him and was sort of squatting on him. We experimented with a few positions. He told me what to do, and I just bobbed up and down as hard as I could. I couldn’t really believe it: I was finally losing my virginity - on a desk with a Scoutmaster I’d only just met! A second later, he said he was going to cum. At the same time, he lifted my feet off the table, and the last inch of his dick slid deep into me. I could feel him squirting right inside. It felt amazing. I could feel it dripping out of me as he pulled himself out. We climbed off the table and he pulled me into him and we kissed. It felt really passionate and loving. And it made me laugh because I’d never kissed a man before - and there I was doing that for the first time just after being fucked! I guess there aren’t many guys who can say they did things that way round!
8. Lessons in Discretion 22mn
I haven’t been a Scoutmaster for very long, but I already feel like I’ve committed the cardinal sin by sleeping with one of the boys! In fairness, I tried incredibly hard not to do it, and in the end I only gave into the boy’s persistent advances when he told me he’d already slept with Scoutmaster Dietrich! I think he could have told me he’d done it with almost anyone else and I’d have managed not to give in to temptation, but where Scoutmaster Dietrich is concerned, well, all bets are off… Dietrich was actually one of the guys who trained me but I’ve always found it incredibly difficult to be around him. Don’t get me wrong, he’s obviously a great guy, but the moment I met him, I realized he reminded me rather heavily of one of my own Scoutmasters, you know, from back in the days when I was a scout, and that’s been surprisingly triggering for me. Like Dietrich, my old Scoutmaster was manly, unflappable, handsome and tall… And I was totally in love with him. My feelings back then were so strong, that, all these years later, I still occasionally jerk myself off thinking about him. Nothing ever happened, of course, because he was a gentleman, and probably straight, but when I met Dietrich and found myself behaving really weirdly around him, I figured it was best all round to keep my distance. It didn’t stop me jerking myself silly every time I saw him! So when Marcus told me he’d been with Dietrich, I guess I just had this overwhelming desire to go with him as well! All the way through the encounter, I kept imagining him with Dietrich, wondering how I was doing by comparison. It was bizarre… I was, of course, consumed by guilt afterwards, but the moment I saw Dietrich back at base camp, the horny thoughts started flooding in again. That night, after the boys had gone to bed, I plucked up the courage to share a flask with Dietrich in front of the campfire. It turns out he’s really easy to talk to. We have a heck of a lot in common. And we talked late into the night… Of course, the conversation got a little horny… He started stroking my hair absentmindedly and I asked if he’d ever had a crush on one of the scouts… Then it all tumbled out, and I told him about Marcus and said Marcus had told me about him. Then Dietrich got angry, it all got awkward and the sexy vibe which was fast developing was suddenly ruined. The next day Dietrich told me we needed to talk. He said he was angry with Marcus for being loose-tongued and said he wanted the three of us to have a chat and work out a way to move forward. Then he kind of frog-marched both of us into the forest. Poor Marcus looked terrified. I was mightily uncomfortable. Then Dietrich stopped under a tree and laid into Marcus, telling him that they’d made a promise to each other and that he shouldn’t have spoken to me. I backed Dietrich up, of course, and told Marcus he’d get into big trouble if he ever told other Scoutmasters what he’d been doing. Marcus went all pale-faced and said he was sorry before asking what he could do to make it up to us. Dietrich flashed me a look, and smiled, and this sudden rush of uncontrollable horniness just flooded through my body. I tried to stay in control and put on my 'good cop’ voice, telling Marcus, in the future, that he needed to come to us if anyone approached him wanting sex. He said he’d definitely do that and Dietrich placed an encouraging but firm hand on his shoulder. Then he pushed the boy towards me... Obviously, I didn’t waste any time and I immediately stuck my tongue into the boy’s mouth, kissing him hungrily as Dietrich ground himself into him from behind. Then Dietrich and Marcus started kissing and I took a step back for a moment, just to watch them, to savor the moment. I didn’t know which one I wanted more. For a while, the three of us were all over each other, Dietrich was undressing the boy from behind, exposing his pale, hairless chest. I knelt down to remove Marcus’ pants and looked up at Dietrich, still in full uniform, with his huge hand around the boys’ neck, kissing him passionately. My cock started throbbing like crazy. All the way through, Dietrich and I were exchanging looks - real lusty looks - like we were saying, “what you gonna do to him next…” The kid, of course, was rock hard in his bright orange underpants. Dietrich got on the ground and started sucking the boy while I stood, kissing his neck, getting my tongue lodged deep in his mouth. As I started to undress myself, I wondered who was gonna get inside the boy first. We swapped places. I sucked Marcus’ dick as Dietrich started to make out with him. We pushed the boy’s pants down and got his dick out. Man, we were just a seething, writhing mass of kissing and sucking. I couldn’t get the smile off my face. The boy started thanking us and Dietrich whispered in his ear reminding him he’d promised to keep what we were doing between the three of us. The boy squatted and nearly got a black eye when Deitrich’s rock hard dick sprung out of his underpants. It was, of course, every bit as huge as I’d hoped it would be - and the boy got to sucking it pretty darn quickly. I knelt behind Marcus and got my tongue dancing over his hole, periodically glancing up at Dietrich to give him an encouragingly sleazy wink every time the boy choked on his giant meat. Within seconds I was standing behind Marcus lining my big, wet dick up against his hole. Dietrich gave it a bit of a squeeze and I pushed myself into the boy, spitting on my cock for extra lube. Marcus instantly started squealing but his dick was rock hard and curved upwards as I fucked him. Dietrich told me afterwards that it looked like my dick was somehow becoming the boy’s; like I was fucking it into his shaft. That was a sexy thought. I loved the way that Dietrich and I were interacting as I fucked Marcus. We were chatting away, making horny little observations about how the boy felt. Dietrich definitely brought the kink out of me. Marcus was sucking his dick and every time he gagged, I just banged him harder. We turned the boy around so that Dietrich could have a go on him, and his dick just glided in, no doubt assisted by the pre-cum I’d left inside him. I told the boy to hold onto me as Dietrich started to fuck. I held his head in my arms really protectively to soothe him. I had a quick glance around, just to make sure we were entirely alone, and then got down to enjoying the floor show. Deitrich threw his head back and fucked real hard. The boy was literally trembling in my arms, griping and gasping so much that I had to shove my dick in his mouth just to keep him quiet! Precum was literally dripping off the boy’s dick, so I got on my knees to see how it tasted. I picked the lad up - scooped him right up in my arms - legs up high so his hole was in line with my dick. Dietrich instantly knew what I was trying to do, so took some of Marcus’ weight from behind and helped to guide the boy’s tight hole onto my dick. I banged him real deep in that position. He was like a rag doll in my arms. Dietrich kept telling me to go harder, so I obliged. Marcus just kept on thanking me and jerking his dick like some sort of sex addict. I pulled out and held the boy tight in my arms so that Dietrich could give it to him again. Marcus’ hole was sloppy now with spit and pre-cum, so Dietrich was able to go in real hard and fast. He looked right at me as he fucked with a great big sexy smile on his face. We got the boy down again, and he bent over and sucked me off as Dietrich continued to screw. I knelt down and kissed the boy as he jerked himself real hard. Dietrich literally fucked the cum out of him. The boy spunked so hard. Huge quantities of white jizz sprayed all over the forest floor. Seconds later, Dietrich himself was blowing a load, real deep into the boy’s hole, lining his insides with his thick manly spunk. This was gonna be a secret we were all gonna enjoy keeping.
9. Hands-On Scouting 28mn
I sometimes wonder whether becoming a scout leader was the right thing to do. It felt amazing at first. I was back out there, under the big sky, breathing clean air, passing on all of the knowledge and skills I’d accrued over the years to a younger generation. I was inspiring the boys to be better versions of themselves. I’ve genuinely never felt so alive. The problem is that there must be something in all that fresh air and clean living which makes me horny. Being surrounded by teenagers has clearly made me feel like a teenager again. I’m constantly hard, I’ve got sex on the brain… When one of the scouts, young Marcus, made a pass at me the other week, I immediately caved into temptation and banged that boy’s ass so hard I’m surprised he can still walk! I literally broke every rule in every book about being a scout leader, and to make matters worse, I shared the same boy with another scout leader last week. I’m completely out of control! This afternoon, to take my mind off Marcus and to try to focus on more healthy pursuits, I took a pair of boys out into the forest to practise rope tying. I didn’t know either of them particularly well, in fact I had to ask another scoutmaster what their names were! I’d been told all about them during my campfire night with Scoutmaster Dietrich. Cole and Jack had apparently been caught with their dicks out of their pants on countless occasions. These two kids were playing with each other and playing hard. I struggled not to obsess over the thought, but my horny mind kept returning to the idea of these boys stripped naked and hard. I knew the others weren’t due back to camp for at least an hour and that I’d have all that time to kill with them. I could feel my face flushing red. My brain was screaming at me not to make a pass, but the blood rushing to my dick was telling me I’d regret it if I didn’t. The more I looked at those boys, the sexier they got. I caught Cole’s eye and the look he gave me in return immediately lit a fire in my loins. I found myself moving closer to him. It was like I was being drawn into him by some sort of powerful magnet. Then I heard myself muttering something about knowing the two of them had been fooling around together before I pulled him into me and we started kissing. Then I grabbed Jack’s belt and, for a while, I was kissing the boys in turn. It was full on, deep, wet, mature kissing. You’d never guess it, but those boys certainly knew exactly what they were doing. I started to undress them, unbuttoning their tight uniform shirts and unwrapping a pair of soft, smooth teenaged torsos. Before long, Cole was undressing me. Then we were in one of the tents, my dick was out of my pants, and the boys were on their knees desperate for a taste of my dick! Jack was the first to get his mouth wrapped around me, but Cole was soon joining in, sucking me like his life depended on it. Jack’s got this perfect all-American smile, and it was an absolute pleasure to ram my rock hard cock into it! I enjoyed calling the shots, periodically instructing the boys to kiss each other, then telling Cole to suck Jack while Jack pleasured me. I was amazed and impressed by how compliant they were and I got hugely excited imagining all the bad things I could get them doing! When Jack began sucking Cole’s dick, I got behind him and started getting his peachy ass good and wet before making them switch positions so that I could get my tongue and fingers deep inside Cole’s enticing hole. I lined my raw dick up against Cole’s ass and started pushing myself into him from behind. I could tell he was gritting his teeth, and trying to regulate his breathing as I slipped further inside him. And then I was balls deep and fucking this horny little devil as he kissed and sucked an over-stimulated Jack. Cole’s ass felt amazing, and kissing Jack while banging it was a sensational experience. As I fucked Cole, I kept looking at Jack, reminding him that I’d be inside him soon enough. I started really pounding Cole at that point, really just to see how hard he could take it. I was impressed. I pulled out, pushed Cole aside and got Jack to crawl to the place where Cole had been. Jack was even tighter than Cole and, for a moment, I struggled to get inside him, repeatedly needing to remind him to breathe deeply to stave off the pain. But it was worth it. I fucked him good and hard and he moaned and groaned in deep pleasure!
10. Birdwatching 19mn
Scoutmaster Legrand and I have been pretty good friends for some time. It might seem a bit strange for a scout like me to make a claim like that, but I’m one of the older boys in camp, and I’m certainly one of the most experienced, so I get to hang out with the Scoutmasters from time to time. And it’s no exaggeration to say that Legrand and I have gotten quite close. It’s no secret that both of us are into each other. In fact, we’ve discussed it quite openly. And I know for a fact that he’s banged a few scouts in his time. And he knows I’ve had my fair share of horny action when the flashlights go out in the tents at night! On one particular occasion, we went bird watching for an afternoon. Legrand reckons he heard a whooping crane down in the marshes last week and is determined to see one with his own eyes. Apparently they’re very rare and very beautiful so I tagged along to keep him company. We must have sat in the woods on the edge of the lake for at least an hour. There were way too many mosquitos for my liking, but it gave us a chance to chat. Looking back, I guess he was being a little flirtier with me than usual. My head certainly started filling with all sorts of sexy ideas about what we could do under the shade of those trees! Legrand stood up to take a piss. He sort of turned around to face a tree, so I instinctively started to look in the opposite direction. But then I had this unbelievable desire to see his dick… I was surprised and quite excited to see that he was semi-hard. I don’t know what came over me, but, bold as brass, I walked up to him and grabbed his massive dick with my hand. God, I loved the feel of his cock. I was instantly overcome by some sort of sexualized adrenaline. I could feel the blood rushing to my face and my dick. I gave his cock a squeeze and then started jerking it. And before I had time to work out what the hell was happening, he’d pushed me up against a tree and was unbuckling my belt, unzipping my fly, and pulling my dick out of my underwear. And then we were kissing passionately, rock solid cocks pressing against each other, desperate to move things on to the next level. He unrolled a ground mat and told me to get on my knees to suck him off! I got busy sucking his dick but suddenly had this bizarre sensation that we were being watched. You know that feeling? You think you see something out of the corner of your eye but when you look again, it’s not there. I glanced up at Scoutmaster Legrand to see if he was sensing it too, but he seemed very relaxed, so I carried on, trying to get as much of it in my mouth as possible! Then he stood me up against the tree. Obviously I knew what was coming, and I was totally into the idea of feeling that meaty beast inside me. That said, I was pretty nervous as well. I’d never taken a dick that large before and the idea of having it rammed up me in the middle of a forest was daunting to say the least! My heart started pounding when I heard him spitting on his dick before stroking his helmet over my hole. And then he started to push himself inside. It was excruciatingly painful, yet, at the same time, utterly ecstatic! It felt like he was driving some sort of metal drainpipe into my ass, but, in a weird sort of way, the sensation felt right. I gritted my teeth and focussed on staying relaxed until the pain started to subside, replaced by wave after wave of intense pleasure. Just as my mind had started drifting off into some crazy fuzzy pool of euphoria, Scoutmaster Legrand started to thrust himself real hard and deep into me. It actually made me scream. He told me to be quiet. We didn’t want people to hear. And, of course, him saying that suddenly made me paranoid again, and the sensation that we were being watched returned. Anyway, I buttoned my lips, grabbed hold of the tree and focussed real hard on not yelling out, even though every muscle of my body was telling me to do exactly that as Legrand grunted like a horny stag and pounded me relentlessly. Man, it was intense! He was so far inside me. Then he told me he was close and asked if I wanted him to pump me full of cum. I couldn’t think of anything I’ve wanted more in my life. Of course, at that point, his strokes sped up and got a whole heap harder and more frenzied. I must have started yelling again. My head was spinning. I kind of lost control of my body. Then I felt the scoutmaster’s spunk squirting into me. He must have cum real hard because I could feel his dick contracting and expanding and the juices gushing everywhere. He stayed inside me for a moment - enough time for another blast of paranoia to catch me off guard. As the last few drops of semen left his dick, I could have sworn he was looking into the trees in front of us, and when I followed his gaze, I’m sure I saw a figure scuttling away. I have no idea what it was, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a whooping crane!
11. Boys Will be Boys 25mn
I’ve been messing about with Jack for quite a while now. We slip away from everyone else as often as we can. We’ve certainly managed to master the art of the quickie! I can have Jack cumming within a minute if we’re really pushed for time. But we also try to find moments when we can spend more quality time together. There’s nothing sexier than a nice, slow, grinding fuck. Of course, we try to be as discreet about things as possible, although I’ve recently heard some pretty exciting stories about the things that go on in other tents. It turns out that the Scoutmasters are actually as horny as the scouts themselves - probably more so. Most of them have had some sort of unexpected action in the last few months… even the ones who are married! Jack and I have both had some pretty awesome experiences in that regard which have definitely taught us a few tricks that we’ve been practicing on each other. I guess we can be quite sneaky when it comes to finding excuses to be alone together. We’re pretty good at grabbing opportunities when they present themselves. Yesterday, for example, the troop leaders were planning a hike out to some sort of crappy lake which sounded mind-numbingly boring. Besides, we’d both woken up feeling really horny… So Jack pretended to be sick. It’s amazing how good his acting skills are when there’s a prize at stake! Anyway, I said I’d stay with him in case he got worse, and, well, that was it… Everyone else went off to the cruddy lake, and we were left all alone back at the camp. Free to make out for hours on end! The fresh air out in the forest must have aphrodisiac properties because we were all over each other before the last straddlers were even out of sight! I pushed Jack into the main tent and we instantly got down and dirty on the ground sheets and sleeping bags scattered across the floor. Jack gives crazy good head. He claims to be relatively inexperienced but seems to know exactly what he’s doing. He told me he basically learned everything he knows from Scoutmaster Dietrich who boned him in the woods on quite a few occasions last summer. He apparently took Jack’s virginity while he was leaning against a tree! Man, I’d love to have seen that! Anyway, there I was, my mind totally focused on Jack’s mouth, getting the best blow job I’ve probably ever had, and I hear a rustle outside. In retrospect, we probably ought to have at least closed the tent flaps, but we were horny and genuinely thought everyone else had gone to the lake. But as it turns out, Scoutmaster Legrand had also stayed behind. I don’t exactly know what he expected to see when he turned the corner and approached the main tent, but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have been two horny boys with rock hard dicks making out like a pair of sex addicts! I noticed Legrand first. He was squatting outside the tent, watching us intently. The look on his face reassured me that it was cool to keep on doing what we were doing. He caught my eye and half smiled and it felt quite sexy for that split second to know that we both knew he was there, but that Jack was entirely oblivious… I love secrets. I don’t really know Scoutmaster Legrand that well. He’s always kept himself to himself. To be honest, he comes across as a bit aloof and slightly terrifying! Jack says I’m just scared of him because he’s like 100 feet tall, but even Jack agrees that you wouldn’t wanna get on the wrong side of Legrand. That said, I’ve heard all sorts of dirty rumors about what goes on in his office in the scout hut, so maybe being on the wrong side of him would have a few fringe benefits! Anyway, Legrand started edging closer to the tent and, at that moment, Jack looked up at me, saw me looking at Legrand, spun around, and suddenly the cat was out of the bag! Jack damned-well nearly jumped out of his skin but Legrand told him it was okay. In fact, he told us to keep doing what we were doing and, well, Jack certainly didn’t need to be asked twice. Within seconds he was trying to suck the spunk out of me again! Legrand hovered by the entrance to the tent for a while, but pretty speedily took his shoes off and came in. Then he just stood in the middle of the tent and somehow managed to make it clear that he was after the same kind of attention that Jack had been giving to me, so we both crawled across to him and started to play with the huge bulge in his pants. I’ve always been intrigued to know what he was packing down there. It always looked pretty impressive, but it turns out he’s in the possession of some kind of monster! It’s, without a shadow of doubt, the biggest dick I’ve ever seen. Not just long, but thick as well, with a giant, pink mushroom head. I was trying to come across all nonchalant, you know, like I was taking it in my stride, like I wasn’t phased by the size of it, but secretly I was panicking, thinking, “I don’t know if I can get that thing in my mouth, let alone anywhere else!” Jack, of course, was grinning like the freakin’ Cheshire Cat, but I could tell he was also shaking… probably with a mixture of excitement and fear! I guess, at that point, Jack and I both sort of tacitly entered a competition with each other. Both of us wanted to please the Scoutmaster more than the other. We wanted to be the one that he preferred. Well that’s certainly how I felt. And, predictably, I got a bit jealous every time Legrand was focussing on Jack. I didn’t want him to be more into Jack than me, or, if I’m honest, for Jack to be more into Legrand than me… So, Legrand got his fingers right up inside Jack’s hole, before doing the same to me. I guess I was wondering who felt the tightest. Then he got his tongue up inside me and it was like heaven. I didn’t know a tongue could be so freakin’ talented! The blood started to pound in my ears and I was engulfed by this fuzzy, lustful sensation. He asked which of us wanted him first. Obviously I didn’t want it to be Jack so I said “me” with real certainty. And sure enough, a few seconds later, I felt him pressing his weapon against my hole and then the searing pleasure of him slowly but surely entering me. I’ve never felt anything like it before. I guess I’m pretty experienced, certainly for my age, but this was a different league. Jack told me afterwards that I was making all sorts of weird noises, which doesn’t really surprise me. It was literally like someone was pushing a drain pipe into me. Don’t get me wrong; I didn’t want it to stop. In fact, I guess I was hoping he’d get so excited that he’d cum in me before he had a chance to do the same to Jack… But that wasn’t to be! Almost as soon as I’d had the thought, Legrand pulled out of me and was plunging that huge, throbbing cock of his into Jack. The look on Jack’s face said it all. I thought I knew exactly how he was feeling, but he told me afterwards he’d thought he was gonna pass out! Then Legrand told me to climb onto Jack’s back, so our two asses could be presented to him like some sort of crazy totem pole. The position enabled me to kiss Jack at the same time which felt incredibly hot! Then Legrand fucked us in turn. A few strokes in me, a few in Jack, then back to me, and so on. It felt like he was going harder and deeper every time he re-entered me. The whole thing just felt so incredibly intimate and intense. Then he ordered us onto our backs, side by side, and told us to hold our legs up so that he could go in from above, looking down on us both with that all-powerful look on his face. I think the position must have enabled him to get really deep, because it felt like my insides were being torn to pieces. When it was Jack’s turn to take Legrand’s dick, his eyes were bulging like I’ve never seen eyes bulge before! The Scoutmaster casually pushed himself back into me and I could suddenly feel the cum rising helplessly in my balls. I tried to fight it, but everything was shaking and humming and I was suddenly blasting a massive load all over my thigh. Then he went crazy and started fucking me really really hard and then I felt him releasing his cum into me… It was sensational. So sexy. So sleazy. So exciting. It felt like he was firing a gun into my guts. Then he pulled out and while the semen was still pouring out of his dick, he thrust himself back into Jack again and loaded him up too!
12. Masturbating 30mn
I’ve had my eye on Tom and Cole for some time now. They seem pretty inseparable; almost as thick as thieves. Tom’s a little pocket rocket; blond, innocent-looking, but with that glint in his eye which suggests he’s a total fire-cracker in bed! Cole’s a lot taller; a big strapping jock of a boy with a huge packet in his pants. Cole and I have been fooling about for some time now, and we’re both pretty sure that Tom’s no virgin. Cole confessed the other day that he’s had some pretty racy dreams about the three of us hooking up, and, because I like a challenge, I told him I’d find an appropriate moment to make his dreams come true! I caught them on their own one afternoon. It was a beautiful, sunny, spring day. A gentle wind was rustling the trees and the sap was definitely rising. No one else was around and they were chatting freely in a tent. I seized the moment and plonked myself down between them. I gave Cole a subtle look, indicating to him that he should go along with me, and I asked a question that Tom never saw coming. “So… have you boys started masturbating?” It was an unusual question for a scoutmaster to ask, no doubt, but I really wanted to see how Tom would respond. Obviously Cole has had experience beyond just playing with his massive tool, but I wanted to see if Tom was mature enough to enjoy the more active parts of sexuality. The boys were embarrassed, clearly shocked by my forwardness, but they didn’t pull back. Least of all Tom. There was a curiosity in his eye that made me feel even bolder. I offered to give them some tips on how to do it, something that made both their eyes go wide… even Cole’s! Seconds later, I was pulling my big, hard dick out of my pants. Tom’s eyes were fixated on it! I loved seeing him take me in with his eyes. As much as I loved seeing the scouts get excited, I loved having them see me in return. Showing off my body and cock to the young guys gave me a special thrill. Especially when I know they’ve been lusting after me. And that boy’s been shooting me lustful glances uncontrollably for about the last year! Cole played along with the game like a true pro, pretending to be all innocent and not sure what to make of what was going on! Tom had his eye on the prize from the beginning, however. And as I gently rubbed my dick, he was running his hand over the bulge in his pants. Within seconds, Tom was unzipping his flies and pulling his boner out. And wow! That boy has a beautiful dick. Cole followed suit and, pretty quickly, the three of us were in a line, jerking our giant rods, with Cole and me exchanging subtle glances, almost unable to comprehend how well our dastardly plan was developing! I winked at Cole and got him to grab my dick with his hand, pretending, of course, that he hadn’t done it a bunch of times before. Tom, somewhat nervously, did the same. It was beyond exciting. I could feel Tom’s heart beating real hard and fast as he looked across at Cole, plainly a bit scared and seemingly looking for permission from his best friend to take things to the next level. It was actually sweet. I rapidly got my mouth around Tom’s dick and then, to even things out, did the same to Cole. It would be hard to say which of them tasted and smelt better. Both were so sweet, delicious, and perfectly ripe… Tom and Cole, like a pair of good boys, then started to take it in turns to suck my dick. Before long, the three of us were a crazy, seething, sexy, pleasurable mass of sucking, kissing, frotting and jerking. I lost track of who was pleasuring who and, frankly, with which part of their body. I kept looking between the two boys, wondering which one I wanted the most, eventually ascertaining that I wanted them both equally. I got them on their knees, lined up next to each other. They looked a little uneasy, but did as they were told. And I certainly enjoyed getting my tongue dancing and flickering over their holes before introducing a few fingers into the equation to leave them in no doubt whatsoever about my wicked intentions! Their tight asses were literally quivering by the time I’d warmed them up. I lined my rock solid dick up against Cole’s hole to begin with. I thought if Tom saw me fucking his buddy first, he’d feel a lot calmer about the prospect of taking me. My dick slid into Cole like an old friend. It had been a while since I’d last had him and I’d forgotten how god damned special he feels wrapped around my cock. I could see Tom looking at Cole really carefully, no doubt trying to work out if he was struggling to take me and if it was gonna be painful when his turn came. I pulled out and lined my meat up with Tom’s butt. He tensed up a little as I started to push myself in, but I could feel him relaxing more and more, the further in I got. I exchanged a look with Cole which sort of said “bingo!” before kissing him passionately as a way of expressing my gratitude to him for helping me to fulfill this huge fantasy of ours… Tom took my cock really well. In fact, I was eventually able to squat over him and let him have it with both barrels blazing! For a while I entered a kind of heavenly state, alternating between the two boys’ asses, seeing which of them could take my harder and harder fucking. All the time I found myself wondering which of them would end up the best receptacle for my semen while sensing the red-hot jealousy they were experiencing whenever I gave my attention to the other. They certainly seemed to understand how hard they needed to work to please me! I layed on my back and got Tom to sit on me and ride me like a bucking bronco, his own dick hard as nails and pointing up towards the tent roof as I boned him mercilessly. Such a beautiful, talented, accommodating boy… I don’t think I’ve ever fucked anyone as hard as I fucked Tom in that tent that afternoon. I couldn’t slow myself down and I couldn’t stop myself from exploding deep inside him. Mission complete! Boy well-and-truly used! Dream well-and-truly brought to life!
13. Follow By Example 25mn
Scoutmasters Smith and Charger have been eyeing each other up with intent ever since Smith joined the troop. He’d moved up-state from the city following a somewhat messy divorce. The two silver foxes instantly bonded over the horrifying behavior of their ex wives, and were soon confiding in each other about their appreciation of some of the older boys. This sexy talk always got them feeling pretty horny, and it wasn’t long before they started to fool around with each other, slipping off into the woods as often as they could to indulge in their seemingly insatiable desire for secretive, steamy sex. Ever since Smith fessed up to fucking one of the scouts in his tent, Charger had been desperate to get alone with the bearded daddy. Hearing about the encounter drove Charger wild with excitement and he took the first opportunity to show his friend how much pent-up sexual frustration had been surging through his body. In retrospect, they were a little lax with their discretion. They walked pretty swiftly out of base camp, but within five minutes they’d become overcome by an overwhelming lust for each other that they just had to get right to it! It was hardly surprising that they were caught. They were making out right next to the path, in a sun-filled glade. Fortunately for them, the boys that found them were two of the kinkiest in the troop. Marcus and Troye’s antics with other Scoutmasters were, if not the stuff of legend, a really badly kept secret. Charger and Smith had heard all the sordid stories and come to the conclusion that they would fuck the boys silly if given half a chance! And just like that, their moment arrived! Charger was on his knees sucking Smith, who saw the boys hiding behind a tree. Calm as a cucumber, he told them to stop watching and to join! It seemed they didn’t need to be asked twice because they were rapidly making their way over to the older men. The two Scoutmasters stood in front of the boys, slowly and seductively unbuttoning their pants and freeing their giant dicks from their underwear while the boys looked on in lustful awe. Charger clicked his fingers and ordered them both to their knees, and within seconds, Marcus had wrapped his tender mouth around Smith’s bulging dick and Troye was hungrily sucking on Charger’s beautiful manhood. The well-trained boys seemed to consider it their duty to pleasure the older men. Troye was soon on his feet kissing his master passionately, while tears streamed from the eyes of Marcus as he nearly choked to death on Smith’s rigid tool! The four of them rapidly became a seething, seedy mass of sexual energy and excitement. The boys were thrown casually against a tree while the older men fingered and tongued their tight, trembling holes. The Scoutmasters kept a constant, goading eye on each other. It turned them on so much to see each other fulfilling their sexual needs with the prime, tender flesh of their young scouts. The dashing silver foxes were soon feeding their giant bare cocks to the boys, who gasped with intense pleasure as their holes were mercilessly drilled. Smith flexed his enormous, muscular thighs every time he thrusted his groin into the boy as Charger’s powerful backside gave him all the power he needed to fuck hard and deep. By then, the older men were well-and-truly using their young toys. The scouts had entered a state of pure ecstasy. They trembled uncontrollably, begging for more as they were plowed aggressively and mercilessly from behind. The Scoutmasters then switched places and set to work on the other twink, competing with each other to see who could bang with the most energy and intensity while the boys helplessly moaned and gasped. Eventually there was no other option but for the older men to explode with force and lion-like roars into the boys, filling their tenderized holes with powerful, creamy, mature man-juice.
14. After Camping 31mn
The boys got back to base camp in the middle of the afternoon. The three of them had been on an unsupervised, mini-expedition which had involved sleeping alone in a tent they’d pitched themselves. It’s always a bit of a relief when they get back in one piece, but you also know they’re gonna be buzzing on sugar or utterly exhausted because they spent the night telling ghost stories or convincing themselves they were about to be attacked by wild animals. All three of them certainly looked filthy and pretty disheveled. I knew they would need a rest, but the most important thing was to get them out of their dirty uniforms and give them a few lessons in hand-washing clothes in the great outdoors! I took them into my tent and instructed them to remove their shirts. I didn’t know the lads very well. I’m fairly new to the troop and our paths hadn’t crossed too many times. One of the other Scoutmasters told me to keep an eye on them, however, because they’re known to be quite mischievous. And because I’ve got a bit of a penchant for bad boys, I promised to do just that. It turns out that all three of them are pretty easy on the eye, so getting them to undress in front of me promised a few unexpected perks! My eyes drifted hungrily from one scout to the next. Blond boy, Jack’s as cute as a button with big, doleful, blue eyes. Troye is dark and brooding, with long, lean limbs. And young Marcus is the cheeky, short, smart-ass of the trio. Their torsos all seemed to be developing rather nicely and I couldn’t wait to get them out of their shorts to see whether the lower halves were as appealing! As their shorts came off, my dick started pounding in my jeans. I don’t know what came over me, but I was suddenly imagining all three of them getting down to it, making out in a hormone-heavy heap of writhing, grinding, teenaged flesh. Putting on a filthy show for my eyes only. I heard myself speaking before my brain realized what I was saying. I gestured towards Jack and told him he should kiss Marcus. When the boys hesitated, I reminded them that we were only playing a game and that everything we were doing was just for fun. The words I was speaking were as lame as they were outrageous and if they’d been able to see the huge bulge between my legs they’d have known what was really going on! I was pretty astounded when the expression on both boys’ faces changed and they moved in for a kiss. It wasn’t just a little childish peck - they really went for it and started smooching. I told Marcus to kiss Jack’s neck, and he instantly obeyed me. It was one of the hottest sights I think I’ve ever seen. Troye was watching, looking a little nervous and left out, so I ordered Jack to kiss him before telling young Marcus to join them. They were soon heavily making out, looking like three horny studs. I instructed them to start taking down their underpants. Marcus was in a tight little jock which looked pretty sensational, but he was hard as a rock underneath, so it had to come off. I encouraged him to lean into me so that I could gently run my hands up and down his body as his cock bounced and twitched. I then, somewhat casually, ordered Troye to get his mouth wrapped around Marcus’ dick. He seemed a little freaked out by the idea at first, but my reminding him he was just playing a game seemed to do the trick. He was soon kissing the tip of Marcus’ cock, then licking up and down its shaft. When Jack joined in with the dick-sucking fun, the whole thing shot up to the next level. The boys were soon taking initiative, searching for the most pleasurable acts, watching and listening intently to each other to get a sense of what was working. They were in freakin’ ecstasy! It seemed appropriate at that moment to get my dick out and join in the fun. It was so hard, I could barely get the thing out of my pants! Troye knelt up and started to fuck Marcus’ face like a pro. Before long, Marcus had his hand on my dick and was jerking it with intent. I couldn’t decide which of the boys I wanted the most. They all had incredible bodies and astonishingly hard dicks. I fed my cock into Jack’s mouth and he gave me the most amazing head. His lips were cold, but his mouth was warm and tight and I slid in and out with great ease and pleasure on my part. I looked at Troye and knew I wanted to kiss him. Seconds later, I had my tongue in his mouth and we were making out like horny teenagers. There was something incredibly hot about the thought of my white, daddy beard prickling against his flushed, soft cheeks. Then I kissed Marcus. It was a wet, wanton, dirty, sleazy kiss. I thrust my rough tongue deep into his mouth and he responded like his young life depended on it. I had an insanely pleasurable, almost out-of-body experience, where I was able to look in on the sexy scene and see me, a middle aged man in full, pristine uniform, with three naked boys eagerly taking it in turns to suck me off. The next stage was getting the boys to kneel up in a line, showing off their beautiful peachy butts. I slapped and rubbed each in turn, trying to work out which I was gonna fuck first. I got my tongue and fingers inside Troye’s ass to begin with before making my way along the line to see which one felt the tightest and which one tasted the best. I decided to fuck Troye first and, with great effort, pushed my hard dick into him. He winced and gasped, hugely shocked by the sensation to the point where I wondered if I was about to pop three cherries in one session! He gritted his teeth and took me like a man, despite plainly being in some degree of discomfort. I couldn’t help but go in hard and pretty fast. My loins were too horny to do it any other way. After giving the boy quite the pounding, I pulled out and sank myself into Jack, who took me with a little more ease, but felt just as tight. I gave him a deep, grinding fuck, before speeding things up and banging him good and hard. Last but not least was Marcus, who screamed when I started to penetrate him. He was so tight, he made me grunt. It was probably something to do with the way that he’d kissed me earlier, but I instantly knew this boy needed to be the grand climax of my encounter. I banged the other two again, but knew Marcus was the one I wanted to release myself inside. We had a connection. Marcus was the real deal. I went top speed and then exploded into him. I could feel the semen gushing out of my dick and driving into his guts and then, as I pulled out, it squirted onto the floor of the tent. I can’t imagine ever experiencing something as intense or as satisfying in my life again.
15. Catching Scoutmaster 20mn
It can get quite difficult to find a few minutes of alone time when you’re in the great outdoors looking after a few dozen over-excited boy scouts! There’s next-to-no privacy on the camp site and always someone yelling your name or sticking their head into your tent without any kind of warning. The trouble is, there’s something in the soft, country air which seems to make me horny all the time. And it’s obviously impossible to vanish into a bedroom for a quick knuckle-shuffle every time you get a raging boner. And even with access to horny boys and Scoutmasters, sometimes there's no time for anything more. And when your balls start filling up with spunk, all you can think about is releasing! When it all gets too much, I like to wander off into the woods for what is usually a pretty routine jack-off session. It scratches an itch and resets my brain for a while! The last time I took myself away from base camp for a bit of “me” time, I was literally about to blow my load when I heard a lot of rustling in the trees behind me. Somewhat shocked, I turned around to discover a couple of the scouts making out. I was initially mortified. I mean, it’s really not cool to get yourself caught by two of your boys with your pants around your ankles and a rock hard dick in your right hand, even if they’re out there for similar nefarious reasons! I was quite relieved, therefore, when I realized that one of the boys was Troye… Troye and I have a bit of history together. He’s no stranger to my hard cock, and I’m no stranger to his. And as I watched, he looked pretty damned hot with his tongue rammed halfway down his friend Jack’s throat! I made no attempt to hide my hard-on as I walked across to them. And it was clear from the look on their faces, they were happy to invite their horny Scoutmaster into their makeout session. I was instantly impressed by Jack. That boy’s as cute as a button, with great skin and a beautiful smile. And man does he know how to please a daddy like me! The two boys were on their knees in seconds, taking turns working their soft lips over my raging, hard meat. And to my luck, it turns out that both of them had figured out how to deepthroat dick! I’d love to have been a fly on the wall in their tent as they worked that stuff out! Minutes later, I had Troye working my dick as Jack had his hungry tongue deep in my hairy hole! The sensation was magnificent! Both of them were fully dressed in their scout uniforms and, by then, I was pretty much naked. It ought to have made me feel pretty exposed, but under the speckled light of the sun through the trees, sandwiched between two dutiful scouts, I’d simply turned into a cum-hungry slut who couldn’t get enough! I stood them both up and the horny little bastards were tenting like crazy in their shorts, desperate to sink their impressive dicks into something warm and wet. I got busy pretty damn quick, kneeling down and sucking them in turn, making them gasp and groan with lust-fuelled excitement. I jumped to my feet again, pushed Jack to his knees and fed my twitching dick deep into his mouth, leaning against a tree and presenting my big, muscular ass to Troye, whose cock was looking like it was about to explode! The boy wasted no time at all and instantly pushed his bare, 8-inch weapon into my spit-filled hole! I’m not gonna lie, I was a little surprised by how much of a working over he gave me. He certainly seemed to know exactly what to do with his massive dick… and it's been a while since I felt anything that big thrusting in and out of me! Meanwhile, my own dick was dripping huge quantities of pre-cum into Jack’s tight little throat! Troye seemed to be pounding me faster and harder with every thrust and all I was able to do was make appreciative grunting sounds, willing both of them to carry on doing just exactly what they were doing for as long as humanly possible, knowing that I was getting closer and closer to busting my nut…
16. Scoutmaster's Discipline 22mn
I run a tight ship. I expect a lot from my scouts. They’re not just here to have fun and fool around. Part of my job is to see that they develop into well-rounded young men. If I put them through their paces and test their limits, I know they’ll end up as proper scouts. Cole and Marcus are two of my most promising boys. They’re polite, conscientious, and intelligent. I’m often accused of being a little tougher with the most talented boys, and there’s a degree of truth in that. But what I’m teaching these young men will set them up for life, and, if they want to be the best, then they gotta work extra hard… Discipline is a funny concept. Many argue that it’s only necessary when someone does something wrong, but I believe in preemptive discipline. You gotta keep the boys both on their toes and on the right path. One of my pet peeves is vanity. Some of my scouts spend longer doing their hair than they do learning survival skills, and Cole and Marcus are more concerned with their appearance in uniform than what it stands for. I took Cole and Marcus aside one afternoon to see if I could shake things up a bit. I got them doing exercises to get them a bit grubby. Then, when they needed to take a leak, I forced them to pee in front of each other. You gotta strip all that squeamishness away. When they complained of feeling too hot, I told them to strip… They clearly found the experience incredibly disarming, but feeling vulnerable while naked is something which can be a huge hindrance. Getting them to take off their underpants was understandably a little tricky. Boys that age are always shy, usually because they’re self-conscious about their dicks and worried that they won’t compare well with others. These negative thoughts need to be swept aside as quickly as possible. Not that it matters, but it turns out that neither boy needed to worry about the size of his penis. Cole, in particular, is packing some pretty serious meat down there! A bit of gentle physical encouragement was all they needed to get naked. Look, in these sorts of situations, it’s best to go with the flow. You’re out there in the wilderness, the rest of the troop are off on a hike… If the boys are getting horny, what better way to cure them of their prissiness than sex in the great outdoors? When I sensed the mood was changing, I quickly ushered them into my tent. Once inside, things moved forward pretty speedily. The boys were naked and rock hard, plainly excited about what was coming their way. It was hard to know which one to start with, but I like being spoiled with choice. I knelt between them and started fondling them both simultaneously. What better use of two hands! Sadly, I’ve only got one mouth, so I kicked the kissing off with Marcus, who, out of the two, seemed the most nervous. He was looking up at me with those big, sad, vulnerable eyes and I just knew I needed to taste him. And man, the boy tasted good! I shifted my attention to Cole. My well-honed instincts told me that he wasn’t quite the innocent boy abroad that he presents to the world. He’s definitely kissed men before and probably a whole heap more besides. I knew it from the moment our lips touched. I said that the time had come for them to help me out of my clothes and they couldn’t have been more eager to assist. One moment I was fully clothed in my uniform, the next, I was naked and highly aroused with two teenage twinks running their trembling little hands all over my big hairy body. It was time to show them how the real men play! Time to fuck the innocence right out of their nervous bodies. I stood up and, in turn, fed my dick to them to teach them what their mouths are for. But I was soon feeling impatient… I got them to kneel down and present their tight, little puckered holes to me. I gave each of them the same amount of attention. First, allowing my stubbly beard to awaken their ass cheeks, before moving into their cute little cracks with my tongue. I wanted to get them as wet and begging for it as possible. Marcus, in particular, whimpered in a way which made me pretty convinced I was dealing with a first-timer. My dick started bouncing in sleazy expectation! I moved from one ass to the other, like a kid in a candy store, trying to work out which one I was gonna fuck first. The one thing I knew was that I was gonna pound them both raw. My hard cock was crying out for a heck of a lot of skin-on-skin attention. I opted to start with Cole. His hole was looking particularly ready and twitchy and I knew I had to slide right up there. I felt him tensing significantly as I entered. He’s quite a stoic, silent type, so I knew he wasn’t gonna scream the place down, despite being just about as tight as any hole I’ve banged. It actually took quite a lot of effort for me to get my whole dick inside him but, it was worth it for the ride he gave me. Man, he felt good! I wasn’t at all ready to stop fucking Cole, but figured it was time to sample the joys that Marcus had to offer. He was, as expected, considerably more vocal. The moment the tip of my dick went inside him, he was quivering in a way which just made me want to go deeper. I was soon hammering him to within an inch of his life, and loving every second! He turned out to be a really hungry boy! I went back into Cole, but wanted to see his face as I penetrated him, so got him on his back and sucked him for a while before slipping my dick back into his warm, welcoming ass. I stared straight into his eyes. He’s got one of those faces which registers every emotion and feeling; nervousness, discomfort, excitement, lust, vulnerability… it all flashed across his face while I fucked him. Cole started jerking himself furiously and I knew he wasn’t gonna be able to hold on much longer. A second later, he yelled as I pumped the spunk out of his dick. He came like a water fountain all over his belly… But I wasn’t done… I pulled out, sucked the excess cum off Cole’s dick, then got Marcus on his back and slammed myself back into him. Staring down into that innocent-little face added a whole new level of sexiness to the proceedings and I could feel my balls tingling. I knew I wanted to blast my load inside him. I wanted to see him walking around camp for the next few hours knowing he had my load deep inside him. I wanted to see the stain on the back of his shorts as the cum dripped out of him. It was that thought which made me explode and I came real hard, depositing every last creamy, sexy drop into him.
17. Bump In the Night 25mn
Colton and I have been messing around for a few months now. We’ve always been the best of friends, but things developed into more when he admitted that he’d been intimate with Scoutmaster Wheeler. The news didn’t exactly shock me - I’d seen them creeping off together on a number of occasions - but I think Colton was a little more surprised when I ‘fessed up to making out with Scoutmaster St. Michael! We hadn’t been all the way yet, but everything changed when we went on a camping trip in late October this year… It was turning a little cold and they told us it would be our last chance to sleep in tents before next spring, so the whole troop went. The nights were drawing in real early, so we spent a lot of our time telling each other ghost stories around the campfire. I love a good ghost story. And Scoutmaster McKeon tells the best stories. They’re always really ghoulish and gory and they really scare the younger scouts! Colton and I were getting pretty eager to find a time to make out. We’d promised ourselves to go all the way at some point during the trip. But we didn’t know when we’d find the time. Even at night, it’s deathly quiet around the tents, and it’s very hard to do anything more than cuddle. One night during one of our spooky campfire activities, we found our moment! The guys were going on and on about stories they’d heard and laughing and talking and making all kinds of noise over the crackling fire. It was then I realized that that was probably our best chance! With everyone distracted and the group as big as it was, no one would notice if we slipped off. I got up, collected my things and made my way back to the tent. But before I left the light of the fire, I looked back at Colton, quietly signaling to him to come with me. He paused for a moment, realizing what I was communicating without words or gestures, and after a moment, he got up and followed behind. The two of us walked off in silence, seeing the shadows cast from the fire gradually become the inky blackness of the night forest. We were completely alone. It was a little eerie making our way through the darkened campsite. But we were hardly able to contain our excitement as we reached the tent. I felt myself abuzz, knowing that we were about to do something we shouldn’t, but also something we’d thought about for so long. We crept into the tent. We laid down on a sleeping bag and started making out real hard. We were desperate for each other. My balls had been aching ever since I’d arrived. It felt like I’d been permanently erect. Kissing Colton always feels so good. He knows exactly what he’s doing and I get really turned on by the way he smells. His dad got him some kind of expensive aftershave for his birthday which he knows drives me mad, so he wears it every time we’re likely to be together… That plus the smokiness from the fire and sweat of the day… the scent of a real man. We started to undress and I guess we must have gotten a little distracted at some point. There’s a heck of a lot to take off when you’re dressed in a scout uniform. Shirts, compasses, caps, belts, neckerchiefs… Colton kept having to remind me to keep the noise down because I was gasping every time his cold hands touched my naked chest. It was incredibly exciting, however, and it was also quite romantic… Our first time together. Then, suddenly, we heard the zipper of the tent! Instead of springing apart, we both froze. It was Scoutmaster McKeon. We’d been caught! I instantly assumed we were in big trouble, but he didn’t actually seem to be that angry. Instead he came and knelt down next to us and told us to continue. I could feel my dick throbbing in my pants. Scoutmaster McKeon had always been at the top of my list of older man-crushes. He’s insanely handsome with his sexy curly hair and little mustache. We went swimming over the summer and when he took his top off, I think most of the boys got hard. Even the straight ones! It was like looking at some sort of Greek god! The thought of our Scoutmaster watching Colton and I making out was so hot that we instantly started kissing again, secretly hoping he’d eventually join in. It didn’t take him long. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught him placing his hand on Colton’s knee and then running it seductively up and down his thigh. Then Scoutmaster McKeon knelt up and started to undress, exposing that beautiful chest of his before nestling down next to Colton. Seconds later, they were making out, too. Even though we’d planned on this being a special moment for the both of us, we couldn't deny that it was incredibly hot! Colton started to suck the Scoutmaster’s dick, which, just as I’d imagined, was huge! I pushed my shorts down and watched them for a while. McKeon locked eyes with me and gave me such a sexy look that I felt like I was melting into him! At that moment, Colton started to suck my dick, which felt amazing. McKeon was still all over him, pressing his body firmly into Colton’s back, before pushing his shorts down. He guided Colton’s mouth back down onto my dick, pushing down on the back of his head so hard that Colton started to choke and gag. The Scoutmaster then got onto his knees and started to eat Colton out. Part of me didn’t want them to fuck because this was meant to be our special night, but the rest of me was really turned on by the thought of watching Colton being used by McKeon. Before I knew it, McKeon had his big raw dick inside Colton, who was gritting his teeth like crazy, plainly trying not to scream. I kept feeding him my dick though. I was making eye contact with the Scoutmaster and it felt like we had a thing going on. We were both gonna use Colton as hard as we could, and the thought was super hot. McKeon looked so amazing as he pumped into Colton. He’s really athletic and got himself into all sorts of crazy positions. He seemed to be going harder with every sexy stroke. He got his hand over Colton’s mouth at one point… The sight really turned me on. Colton was whimpering and his eyes were bulging real large. The Scoutmaster took his hand away from Colton’s mouth and I immediately slapped mine over it, looking right into Colton’s eyes as I gagged him. My dick was so hard. And the last thing we needed was to be overheard! The Scoutmaster pulled out of Colton and asked if I wanted his dick. Before I could get my thoughts in order, I was on my back with Colton’s dick in my face and McKeon’s meat lodged very firmly in my ass. It felt amazing. He fucked me so hard. McKeon started to jerk my dick as he banged me, and I knew I was likely to blow any second…
18. The Hike 21mn
Cole is by far the most popular boy in the troop. He’s also the tallest and definitely the most handsome. I just start to melt when I get anywhere near him. For the longest time, he barely seemed to notice me. Then recently, he used my name for the first time and asked me to go on a hike - just the two of us! It was a beautiful morning when we set off. The sun was glinting in his hair and I genuinely wondered if I was the happiest person on the planet. We walked for miles, talking all the time. After a few hours, my back started itching like crazy. I could sense that some sort of insect had crawled underneath my shirt, but couldn’t flick it away while my backpack was on. We stopped and Cole helped me take the backpack off before he pulled my shirt out of my shorts in an attempt to find the now-invisible critter. Then my shirt had to come off! And the next thing I knew, he was rubbing his giant hands all over my body and I was getting all light-headed. I don’t even remember how it started, but the next thing I knew, we were making out and he was thrusting himself into my back and telling me I had to keep quiet. Before I’d had a chance to speak or even gasp, he was silencing my mouth with his lips! He took his backpack off and unrolled a ground mat and I started to run my trembling hands all over the enormous bulge in his pants, which turned out to be much bigger than I could have expected. I dropped to my knees and started to service his beautiful member with my mouth. I worked real hard to get as much of it in there as possible, continually having to pinch myself. I was astonished to think that just a few months ago Cole hadn’t even known my name, but now I was sucking his cock! Then his demeanor suddenly changed. He went a little serious before getting quite dominant with me. He pushed me hard against a tree and started thrusting his big dick into my back. I didn’t know what to expect. He tore my shorts down and then my underwear before sinking to his knees and using that big, rough tongue of his to open up my tight hole. The sensation was spine-tinglingly amazing, but I was worried. I’d only ever taken one dick up there before, and it was nothing like the size of Cole’s. The only thing I was sure about, though, was that I was desperate to find out how it felt! Cole stood up, looked around him to check no one was about and then literally sank his giant monster into me. The sensation instantly made me feel all shivery. It was about as intense as anything I’ve ever experienced. It felt like he was tearing me in half and the further he pushed his way into me the more I felt like my internal organs were being shoved aside to make room for him! All I could do was make these really weird whimpering sounds as the pace and intensity of his strokes built up and every fiber of my being was engulfed by a feeling of absolute horniness. It was like my body had become nothing but a vessel for his complete pleasure. He got harder and faster and deeper and faster and harder and then, suddenly, pulled out. I could feel the epic streams of semen splatting onto my ass cheek and slowly sliding down my thigh. It must have been some crazy kind of firework display!
19. Stroking With Scoutmaster 23mn
There’s very little in the realm of sex that’s more thrilling than a good threesome. The issue is that good threesomes don’t just randomly occur; in my experience, they need to be very carefully curated. There’s nothing worse than making out with two guys who just aren’t that into each other. But when things click—well, then there’s nothing more exciting than that! For the past year or so, I’ve been playing around with two Scouts on a pretty regular basis. They’re both incredibly hot and it’s impossible to say which one I prefer. They have very different vibes and bring out very different urges in me. Landon is a fresh-faced, eager-to-please, pint-sized cutie, whereas Colton is taller, more worldly and, to put it crudely, hung like a horse. Both are insanely good in bed, and have triggered some fairly intense orgasms in me. I’ve long since felt that the three of us would make a pretty awesome team in bed, but broaching the subject was always gonna be a minefield. Obviously, good sex can only happen if the young man you’re with feels special. It would be downright foolish (and ultimately cruel) to inform him that he’s just one of a revolving door of horny boys. Actually, in the cases of Landon and Colton, nothing could be further from the truth, but inviting them for a threesome would necessitate fessing up to having had encounters with the other, and that, of course, runs the risk of sparking jealousies. The other risk was that they wouldn’t end up being into one another, so I’d have rocked the boat for no reason. In the end, the plan came together surprisingly easily. Over a number of individual encounters, I got both boys fired up by the concept of a threesome, thinking about other Scouts they might like to play with. I was pleasantly surprised when each of them listed the other as top of their lists of sleeping bag jerk fodder. We played about with fantasies, and by the time I’d admitted to having slept with them both, they’d gotten so into the idea that any pangs of anger or envy they might have felt had already been swept aside. We met up while the rest of the Scouts were on a night-time hike with some old dude who claimed to be an expert in bats. I told Landon and Colton to pretend they were sick and, when they did, I volunteered to stay in the camp and keep an eye on them. An hour later, Landon and Colton were nervously climbing into my tent… We knelt in a cluster, facing inwards, and I told them to undo their belts and remove their pants. Colton’s huge bulge made it clear that he was feeling confident and up for whatever was heading his way. Landon, on the other hand, was red-faced and seemed quite nervous. We got our cocks out and started to massage them. I pulled Colton’s hand towards my dick and he started to tug at it. I looked across to Landon and was relieved to see his face lighting up with a smile. Seconds later, he reached out and grabbed my dick, gently massaging it with his inquisitive hands until I was hard as iron. At that point, I encouraged Landon to rub Colton’s dick. It was vital that I wasn’t the point of focus for both boys. They needed to develop their own chemistry. It became clear that Landon was angling to take the more submissive role, which excited me because I’ve long since suspected that Colton would one day make a pretty sensational top. I stood up and pushed my dick into Landon’s soft mouth and before long, Colton had joined in, and I had two horny boys going down on me like a pair of puppies feverishly scrapping over a bowl of food, competing with each other to see who could make me moan the loudest. We were soon naked, panting and groaning while our dicks danced, dripped and flickered with anticipation. I got the boys to kneel in front of me, presenting their asses like enticing trophies: Landon’s smooth, lean and tanned, Colton’s muscular and full. I know every inch, every mole of both, but seeing them next to each other was mind-blowing. The boys were soon kissing, which I very much enjoyed watching as I went from one to the other, prepping their tingling holes with my tongue, pondering which to penetrate first. In the end, Landon won the race. I knelt behind him and pushed my rock-hard cock all the way into his guts. He squirmed a little but took all nine inches with great bravery and I was soon thrusting in and out of him with considerable energy while my fingers were drawn like a magnet to Colton’s beautiful butt. I pulled out and immediately thrust myself into Colton, whose ass muscles gripped my dick like an industrial clamp. I wanted to put on a bit of an athletic show to demonstrate what Landon could expect if he opened his mind a little. I grabbed Colton’s arm and thrust it hard behind his back, and then repositioned myself with my legs spread wide apart so that I could pound him into the ground. That boy certainly knows how to take dick. I’d fuck him six times a day if I could. I got the boys onto their backs and dove back into Landon, staring down at his innocent face, which was dripping with sweat. Then I pulled out and drove full-throttle into Colton, twisting his body into increasingly bizarre contortions. I don’t actually know how many times I switched from one to the other. Each boy brought a different energy, and I couldn’t get enough of either of them. Colton was soon jerking his giant tool. With every frenzied stroke he was taking himself that little bit closer to oblivion. I knew I had to drop my load into Landon. The semen flew out of my dick like it had been fuelled by a jet engine. It filled him up, even started to drip out of him. And then, as the two boys kissed and jerked themselves, I placed fingers into both of their holes. Colton exploded first; impressively giant ribbons of the sticky stuff sailed onto his stomach and chest. Landon fell, exhausted, onto the ground, signaling that he’d gotten too excited and passed the point of no return. His orgasm would have to wait just that little bit longer, but it would be all the more exciting as a result.
20. Bump in the Night 26mn
The Scouts tend to get really excited around this time of year. Halloween is really the last chance we get to take the boys camping before the cold weather rolls in, so it always feels a bit like the end of our adventures for the year. The boys start to get a little obsessed with ghost stories and there are always huge supplies of contraband candy to keep them awake all night if they’re not already too scared to sleep. This year, Halloween started with a big group of us huddling around a fire, whittling sticks to use as skewers for toasting marshmallows. I love moments like that. Even as they’re happening, you get an all-encompassing sense of nostalgia. You can imagine the boys, as adults, looking back on these special evenings with a warm, hazy fondness. I love the feeling of a warm fire cutting though dark, crisp autumn air. It’s still pretty warm during the days around these parts, but the temperatures plummet at night. Lighting a great big fire always makes everything so much more cozy and magical, but tonight there was something even more special in the air. Perhaps it was the fact that we’re all heading home tomorrow that made everyone seem that little bit more relaxed and, dare I say… flirty. It’s certainly true that everyone suddenly got a bit more cuddly. Young Scout Serg was definitely giving me the eye. His features looked so soft and beautiful reflected in the orange glow of the fire. I stared back at him for a moment, just long enough to realize that my body was longing to reconnect with him. We got a new Scoutmaster, Ace Banner, who intrigued me. We hadn’t gotten to know each other all that well since he joined the troop. All I know is that he’s come up here from the city after leaving behind some well-paid career in finance, and I guess I’ve kept my distance because those arrogant city dudes irritate the shit out of me. But the longer he’s been around, the more I’ve found myself wondering if I might have been a bit hasty in my initial judgment. He’s certainly a man I find incredibly sexy and, based on the way that they were interacting, I’m pretty certain he was fooling about with one of the Scouts on our last trip out into the wild. Anyway, as we sat around the fire, I could see him watching me and the more I looked at him, the more I realized that I wanted him. I kicked off the ghost stories, regurgitating some bullshit about the Sasquatch which had freaked me out when I was younger. You could tell that the boys were engrossed, not quite knowing whether to believe me! Scoutmaster Banner then took over, telling a story in his deep, sexy Southern drawl about a mad old lady. If it hadn't been so dark, everyone there would have seen me undressing him with my eyes, staring at the bulge between his legs, wondering how hot it would be to watch him making out with one of the Scouts. When it gets to this time of the year, the Scoutmasters tend to share tents with the Scouts. It feels a little safer all-around to group together, particularly if there’s a storm. I managed to pull a few last-minute strings to ensure that I was sharing with Serg. I was very much in the mood for a night in his sweet company. You can imagine how pissed I was, therefore, when we discovered that Banner’s tent had collapsed as a result of fairly shoddy workmanship by the two Scouts who’d been assigned to put it up. It was, of course, way too late to remedy the situation, so I had no other option than to invite him and young Damien, whom he was meant to be sharing with, to crash in our tent. Perhaps the situation was made a little more potentially awkward by the fact that I’ve also fairly recently had my wicked way with Damien. I resigned myself to a night of frustrating chastity. The four of us rolled out our sleeping bags and bedded down. I found myself catching Banner’s eye on a number of occasions. He was smiling at me in a way which made me pretty sure he was wondering if I was up for something outrageous. I dismissed the thought as being way too fanciful but he kept on looking… At that point, Damien started to remove his shirt. I watched Banner carefully to see how he’d respond. The boy is the very definition of diminutive, with a skinny, beautiful body which can send conflicting thoughts ricocheting through a red-blooded man’s mind. There was a sudden noise outside which appeared to freak Damien out. It was plainly nothing; at most, it was a raccoon scuttling through the undergrowth, but Banner and I started playfully upping the tension, realizing that there were potentially rich rewards associated with putting the boy at ease. Banner played good cop and gave Damien a protective hug, catching my eye and giving me a wink in the process. Within seconds they were kissing. And lemme tell you—it was darned hot to watch them going at it. Banner looked like the cat that caught the canary. His kisses were wet, deep and passionate. The boy melted into him. There wasn’t much else for me and Serg to do but to get to it ourselves. Our tongues were soon dancing and I was tearing his clothes off like my life depended on it. The whole tent suddenly felt like it was gonna explode with sexual energy. I kept glancing over at Scoutmaster Banner—highly aroused by the way that he was seducing his boy, half-wishing I could either join in, or take a few moments to enjoy the show he was giving, but then I felt Serg’s soft lips rolling over my dick and all thoughts returned to my personal pursuit of pleasure. We Scoutmasters lay next to each other, running our hands softly over each others’ torsos while the boys serviced our plus-sized dicks. Banner’s masculine, hairy chest and ripped torso felt so good under my probing finger tips. He looked across at me and grinned. From then on we did pretty much everything in tandem, subconsciously egging each other on to push our respective Scouts to the next stage of this sexual journey. It just felt right to mirror each other’s moves. We got naked and then started to play with the boys’ tight little holes, first with our fingers and then with our hungry tongues. I found myself kissing Damien. I don't know what Scoutmaster Banner felt about the situation, but Damien’s a boy I’ve had before, so it felt natural to include him. Besides, my colleague was undoubtedly too busy working the boy’s ass to care about what his mouth was doing. After a while, I returned my full attention to Serg, sliding my dick into his ass while Banner broke away from Damien momentarily to run his hand up and down my boy’s thigh. Serg’s ass, as usual, felt amazing as he rode me—tight as all hell, and quivering like a hummingbird. To be honest, I was rather pleased when he started to yell. I wanted to throw the gauntlet down to my Scoutmaster friend and encourage him to go hard or go home. That said, I had to continually remind the boy to at least try to keep the noise down. We didn’t want to wake up the rest of the camp or bring any unnecessary attention to what we were doing. Scoutmaster Banner squatted behind Damien and pushed his big raw daddy dick inside. It was a stunning sight. The boy gasped so hard that Banner clapped a hand over Serg’s mouth until he’d gotten over the shock of being fucked by something so enormous. Banner had an amazing fat dick and watching him pumping the boy, tearing his tiny hole apart, was a thing of great beauty. Seeing him then grabbing Serg and kissing him with hungry passion while he continued to screw Damien damn well nearly made me shoot my load straight up Serg’s ass! I pulled out. I was getting real close to nutting and didn’t want to until I’d had a go on Scout Damien. I also wanted to see Banner inside Serg. We switched places and got to work on our new partners. Scoutmaster Banner was soon banging Scout Serg with extreme speed, plainly loving every second of the smokin’ hot ride. He pulled Serg onto his lap, and the boy got so excited that he instantly exploded. Huge ribbons of creamy semen flew out of his dick spattering into Damien’s hair like a flurry of snow. I suppressed my urge to cum and continued to bang Scout Damien for some time, the boy clinging onto me like a koala until I was left with no other option but to shoot deep inside his heaving stomach. Banner pulled out of Serg and blew his big load all over the boy’s belly, grunting like a buffalo as the cum surged out of him. It’s hard to think how much more exciting our evening could have been, but part of me knows the four of us are gonna find some way to top it…
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