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Breeding my boy's little hole Tape 8: working from home

Mr Landon and his son Ian Landon
October 23, 2020 | Full Length Video : 40min 48sec

Working from home is a challenge. Even when he was at the office, Mr. Landon found it difficult to stay focused on his day-to-day tasks. Now with ready access to television, internet porn, and the kitchen, the handsome muscle daddy has more than enough to keep his eyes off his work. But nothing is a bigger roadblock to his productivity than his boy, Ian.

Mr. Landon didn’t foresee this problem when Ian asked to install his video game on his father's bedroom TV. But the young man insisted that it had the better specs and sound. Now, with Mr. Landon working on his bed, all he can see is Ian’s round, smooth butt propped up while he smashes the buttons of his controller.

Ian is ...More

Ian is lost in his game as Mr. Landon’s hands make their way to his backside, feeling up his legs and cheeks as his cock swells up in his shorts. Mr. Landon quickly sees he’s not going to be able to focus until he’s had a taste of Ian’s soft peach. His fingers tease his hole, slipping up his loose shorts, all without Ian breaking his focus.

Mr. Landon sees a beautiful opportunity to devour his boy’s hole, sliding off his shorts to reveal his perfect skin. Ian loves how it feels to have his daddy’s affection, and he loves pretending he is oblivious to his advances. He knows that if he can hold out, his daddy will desire him even more, making sure the pounding he receives is deep and hard...

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Ian has admired his old man for ages. He's always watched him with awe... And their close bond has always been there. Seeing his dad's handsome face and fantastic athletic body was something to aspire toward. Now that he's grown up, he possesses many of the same features... Obviously his fathers good genes are something to be proud of. Still, no one has it like his dad! As time went on, his fixation became more personal... And eventually he became aware that is was quite sexual! He would find ways to catch glances of him coming out of the shower and at the pool, he loved the way a wet swimsuit would cling to that enormous daddy dick, and he was even guilty of stealing his dad's sweaty jock to inhale his old man's nut musk. He would love to taste him, but knows there are some things that are just too taboo to ask for...

Played by Ian Levine

Mr. Landon loves his boy more than anything. He's watched him grow into a beautifully handsome young man. A literal adonis... And he can't deny his admiration of his boy's looks and body. A regular chip off the old block! This muscle daddy takes pride in his own body. His smooth, tan skin, well-toned physique, and his thick, meaty dick. When he sees his boy begin expressing interest not just in other, older men, but catches his boy checking him out; he looks for a way to broach the subject and give his boy what he wants. Luckily, with a little deep digging online he's found ForbiddenBoy.com, and sees a way to be closer to his handsome boy... Giving him the love and support he really craves and needs.

Played by Myles Landon
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Breeding My Boy series cover

Breeding My Boy

Ian has admired his old man for ages. He's always watched him with awe. Read more...
Breeding My Boy: Tapes
1. Welcome to the Forbidden Boy Hotel 30mn
I’m used to getting lustful looks… I’m not bragging, it’s just a fact! Most of my life people have wanted to fuck me or get fucked by me, and I’ve just become used to it. I take care of myself, I exercise, and I present myself well. I can’t say I don’t work for it, but I’ll never forget when I started getting those looks from an unexpected source; my baby boy, Ian. I think most boys grow up idolizing their old man, but I could tell there was something more to it that just innocent admiration. I would catch him watching me at the pool or the beach, coming back from the gym, and sometimes even stepping out of the shower. I always encouraged his curiosity, but as time went by, I knew he was beginning to have more sexual thoughts. At first I didn’t know what to do. Honestly, it felt like the best compliment in the world to be seen as desirable by him. You get older and the lustful looks still happen, sure… But to him, I always stood strong, tall, and handsome. What surprised me the most was when I started to get turned on by him as well! Time went on and I could see a bit of that undeniable handsomeness that I always carried. Cute face, nice body, even a sizeable cock! He was a true chip off the old block. Eventually, it was me sneaking glances. After the fifth or sixth time I caught myself masturbating to Ian, I went online to try and get a handle on what to do. I read countless stories, unsure of what was real, but always enticed by what I would find. Tumblrs, Handjob Magazine, Nifty… It was then that I came across the Forbidden Boy Hotel. I tried to find reviews on it, hoping to get a sense of what it was. It seemed so exclusive and private, anyone who went never seemed to talk about it. My curiosity was piqued. I didn’t tell Ian what it was, but it didn’t matter. He was excited for a weekend away. We used to go camping years ago, but it was hard to find one-on-one time between work and school. At the very least, it would give us some time to bond and relax… But deep down, I hoped this would bring us even closer together. When we arrived, the place was beautiful and quiet. Settling in, I read over the welcome packet carefully. With Ian by my side, I tried to play it calm and cool. I acted as if I was just reading the hotel’s itinerary, when in fact, I was being given careful guidance on how to finally make love to my boy… Step one was easy. We had to get in the locker room and change. I’d done this with Ian countless times! We headed to the small room and began to disrobe, exchanging our clothes for the jockstraps and bathrobes we had been provided. It was a tight space so I helped Ian out of his clothes. As I did, I got a close look at his defined body.
As I helped him, my hands lingered on his buttocks and bravely made their way to his crotch. He seemed completely fine with it… Even happy! As I put his jock on, I saw he was starting to get aroused! I proceeded to change next to him, stripping down and dressing in my own jockstrap. My cock hung between my legs, merely a foot or so from Ian. His eyes locked on it, closer to him in that moment than probably at any other time in his life. I could see his eyes widen and I knew I made the right call. Once in bed, I continued to read the directions provided, curious what I could look forward to. When Ian came into bed with me, it was like a dream come true! My heart pounded as it pumped everything to my cock, making it fall out of my underwear. Ian did not miss this for a second, seeing it just a few inches from his mouth. I could feel his hot breath on it as he contemplated his next move. I didn’t want to do anything or say anything, afraid that the moment might pass and I’d miss the chance to really connect with my boy… Suddenly, he moved his mouth down and pressed his soft lips to the head of my cock, getting his first taste of his old man. I must have grown an extra inch just from the contact, aroused by my boy’s eagerness and bravery. I couldn’t be more proud… Or more turned on! I confess, I have a substantial package and I was concerned it might be too much for him, but damn, if my boy didn’t take it like a pro! I watched with pride as he swallowed me down again and again, savoring the taste of his old man in his mouth. After a few minutes, the moment came to me in full realization… Here I was, getting blown by my baby boy, caressing his tight, pink hole with my fingers, and dripping precum down his throat! I was going to make love to my boy, and I couldn’t be happier...
2. Boy Massage 31mn
I thought I’d seen beauty in the world, but nothing compares to the look on Ian’s face when he orgasms. It seems like a strange thing to say — I’m still not used to it — but seeing my boy in that kind of pleasure and joy… I mean, what could be better?! Well, I suppose the sight of my cock coming out of his hole covered in the family DNA…
I barely slept at all that night. As soon as we finished, we passed out under the covers with him wrapped in my arms, but I kept waking up to make sure I hadn’t dreamt that moment. Everytime I opened my eyes, Ian was there, nestled between my chest and shoulder, sleeping soundly. My heart could have burst through my chest each time, overjoyed with love for him. To think, had I not come to the Forbidden Boy Hotel, I wouldn’t have ever held him so closely! The next morning, we got up and things were fairly normal. I expected some awkwardness or change in our relationship, but I was pleased to see Ian was the same happy boy he was from the day before. We sat and had breakfast together and talked about school, just like it was any other morning. The only difference this morning though, was his old man’s load still up inside his hole. Once we finished eating, cleaning, and showering, I returned to the instructions we’d be given. They’d worked like a charm so far, so I was willing to see where else they’d take us. Ian started to get that I was being fed suggestions of what to do, but he was a good sport about letting me surprise him. I made up the bed as instructed and brought Ian into the room for a sensual massage. Ian was an athlete and knew the benefit of a good, deep tissue treatment. He had no problem laying down for a rub. And having it come from me? Well, I think that was an added bonus!
As he spread out, I couldn’t help but admire his strong, muscular legs. His butt was framed perfectly in the white jockstrap, as well. His back was smooth and strong, topped off by his well defined shoulders. What man could resist him? I leaned in and his kissed the back of his head, overcome with affection and pride. My boy… My sweet, beautiful boy!
I took off my robe and rubbed the massage oil into my hands. I was happy the fragrance wasn’t too strong. As I worked it into Ian’s back, I could smell my boy’s natural musk coming off from him, freshly clean and pure. I wouldn’t want to hide that under any sandalwood or lavender perfume for anything! My hands moved over him smoothly and delicately, pressing on every muscle and fiber beneath his soft, smooth skin. Even though we’d just made love last night, this was the first time in many years that I had such unrestricted access to his body. Everything from his toes to his nose was at my disposal, relaxed and accepting of my touch. I could feel the strength of his thighs, the hard worked calves, and even the smooth arches of his feet. He wasn’t a boy anymore. He was becoming a man! It was beautiful to see every line and curve of him developed and matured. Of course, he’d always be my little guy… When I massaged his buttocks, my mind began to wander back to the previous night. His cheeks were perfect balls of meat and flesh, flanking his tight, smooth hole. To think I’d spent so many nights imagining what it would be like, and here I was, massaging it with ease. Ian let out soft little moans as I worked him deeper; a mixture of tension release and pleasure. As my hands moved down, I cradled his testicles in my hand, massaging them softly, feeling their warmth. I knew what they contained and how precious it was… The same contents that are in my own! His skin had a sheen to it now, glistening beautifully and healthily. When I turned him over, his eyes met mine for a moment, completely tranquil and at peace. He had no problem with me running my hands on his inner thighs, up toward his balls, or even navigating around his growing erection. I didn’t want to deny him a full massage, so I let it lay for the moment… But boy, was I excited to see his cock swell up once more! My fingers trailed up to his chest and arms, massaging him gently. His nipples stood up as my hands moved passed them, aroused by the sensation. I had no idea that Ian had sensitive nipples and it made my cock hard to think about playing with them. By getting into every nook and cranny, I was able to find every spot that made him tick. Spots I would commit to memory as if my life depended on it! Before I could finish, however, Ian’s arousal got the better of him. The precocious boy rose up and pressed his face against my full jockstrap cup, eager to feel and smell his old man’s junk. As he nestled in, I caressed his cock, feeling it grow with each lap of his tongue. I tried my best to hold out, but what’s a guy to do? I turned him over once more and spread a little more oil between his cheeks, pausing only to catch a glimpse of the beautiful sight of my sweet Ian’s hole. Instead of using my cock, I pulled out the smooth, glass dildo I was provided. I pressed it on Ian’s hole, watching him writhe and twist as it worked around his sphincter. But all it took was a gentle push and a couple deep breaths before I felt it move inside him with a smooth motion. Ian clung to the edge of the bed, gripping onto it as I moved it around inside him. I don’t know if he’d ever played with his hole before, but I was careful to watch him and go at a slow pace… Still, seeing his hole take it was exquisite! My baby boy stretched out wide as I pulled it out and tightened again as it fell back. Again and again, I watched my talented boy take what I gave him. Pride doesn’t begin to express what I was feeling. As he held onto the bedspread, I gave him a break, removing the toy and pulling down his jockstrap and rubbing his cheeks. I watched as his breathing calmed and he settled back into a relaxed state. My boy… I just had to take him! Coming up behind him, I asked him if he was ready before I slid my cock inside him where the glass had previously filled. I worried it might be too much, but to my delight, he received me with the same ease as he did my massaging hands. It was like I was meant to be there and his body knew it! I held him close and kissed him as I gave him the fullness of my hard cock deep…
3. Sauna Play 18mn
After everything Ian and I had been through, it was hard to stick to the prescribed instructions. It was just the two of us in the house, so it wasn’t like someone was checking things off of a list for us… Still, I wanted to get the full experience of the hotel. I’d been in a sauna many times in my life, but I think it was Ian’s first time. The idea of sitting in a hot room didn’t make sense to him at first, but once we got inside, I could see him relaxing and settling in. I’ve known for years what the benefits of muscle relaxation and improved circulation could do, so I was happy to be able to share that with my boy. Sitting side by side in the sauna, naked and sweaty our eyes can’t help but wander and linger. I could see Ian wrestling with his cock under his towel, feeling it grow and swell. With the increased blood flow, it’s not exactly a surprise for me… Especially for a horny boy who has spent the better part of a weekend fucking! I’ll admit, I was pretty hard too! As much as I was happy for the steam and the heat, it felt even better to be sharing that space with my boy, seeing his body glisten, and catching his mischievous eyes. Ian couldn’t bring himself to say what he wanted, despite all that we’d already done. So I knew it fell to me to read his mind… “I know what you want,” I whispered to him, a smirk coming across my face as I pulled my towel aside. His eyes went to my thick cock, then averted away coyly. “You want your daddy’s dick!” I stroked it in my hand, teasing him and taunting him with its size. It was so hot to see him sweat for it, his lips pushed together and his tongue licking them.
“It’s okay…”
With that, Ian moved off his seat and dropped to his knees on the warm, wood floor. He lightly tickled my balls as he gazed at my shining cock. He was mesmerized by it. Clearly still in disbelief that he had been given such access to my manhood. I couldn’t deny my boy anything, and it felt great being able to give him what he wanted most!
He took me into his mouth, running my shaft over his tongue as he lapped up my cock juices. He was getting a lot deeper than before, too. Maybe it was the steam relaxing his jaw or maybe he was just learning how to handle me better each time. Either way, I watched with the biggest smile on my face as he worshipped my dick… I could have sat in that steam all day, my hand on the back of my boy’s head, gently guiding him as he made me feel like a king on a throne. Beads of sweat dripped down my pecs, no doubt falling to the base of my cock for him to taste as he swallowed me whole. With the wetness covering my cock, I knew I had to fuck him! I brought him up off the floor, feeling my boy’s warm hand in mine as he straddled me. He was practically sitting on my lap as my cock slide inside his tight, hot hole, taking me in as smoothly and easily as he had with his mouth. It was a perfect fit! How lucky am I to be able to have these moments with Ian? To know that my love for him can be so passionately expressed and shared… I held his legs and butt in my hands as he bounced up and down on my thick rod. Such a beautiful, good boy!
4. Breeding Your Boy 22mn
There’s a lot to do while away on vacation, but sometimes it’s nice to have some quiet time. I like to spend my time reading and relaxing, but Ian loves his screens... Games, phones, computers. I thought it would be good to give him time to do what he enjoys in between all the activities provided to us by the Forbidden Boy Hotel. As it turns out, Ian’s a little more rambunxious that I imagined. As I sat back getting lost in some reading, Ian snuck up between my legs and started sniffing at my cock. Like a puppy wanting a treat, he pressed his lips against the bulge of my jock strap, kissing and teasing at my shaft. As my cock grew harder and harder, it became impossible to focus on my reading. I figured Ian would be tired of just getting fucked all the time. Leave it to his boyish energy to keep him totally insatiable for his old man’s meat! I put the book down, watching with pride and delight as he took my cock out and began to suck on it. He really was in love with my thick piece. As he worked at keeping me hard, I couldn’t help but run my hands over his smooth ass. My boy... He couldn’t be more adorable and sweet than when he’s on all fours servicing my cock. I ran my fingers through his soft hair as his mouth stretched to take me in. He was definitely getting the hang of it. And to think; just a few days prior, he’d never known what it tasted like. It felt so good getting blown by him, the perfect relaxation to my reading. Perhaps I’ll have to keep this up when we get back home. Ian could see that I was content to just sit there and get serviced and his attention quickly shifted. He took his mouth off my cock, lied down on the floor and went back to his video game... Here I sat with a hard, wet, worked-up cock and Ian was back to playing God knows what! His ass was perfectly presented in front of me, full and round with his smooth hole peeking through his cheeks. I stroked my cock and teased him with my feet, pressing his ass apart to get a better look at this pucker, even going so far as to work his hole with my toe. Ian continued playing, but I could hear him moaning as his ass got more and more attention. I even saw his hips pop up off the rug, signalling that he wanted more. What could I do? I know we agreed on some quiet time, but if my boy needs me to fuck him, what kind of man would I be to deny him? I got up off my seat and kneeled behind him. I brought my mouth to his ass, taking in his beautiful flavor. My tongue worked along his hole, feeling it tighten and loosen as I circled around it. Who am I kidding? Nothing was better than having my boy’s hole ready and eager to be fucked! With him well lubricated, I brought my cock to his hole, feeling the tip fit tight against his crevasse. It didn’t take much for me to break the seal and get inside, feeling his warm ass wrap tightly around my thick cock. He wanted it... Badly! And I was happy to give it to him. Feeling myself inside him, fucking him slowly and sweetly; my heart was full of love and passion. I couldn’t be happier thinking that this was what our bond would be like from here on out...
5. Stuck At Home 32mn
Returning home from the Forbidden Boy Hotel, the Landons had a more frustrating time adjusting back to normal life than they expected. After having become so comfortable with each other’s bodies and desires, it seemed strange to have to go back to acting like nothing had happened during their time away. From the outside, it seemed like they just had a relaxing weekend away from home. In reality, they had connected on a much deeper and personal level than either of them thought possible... As they spent time together around others, they kept up appearances of a regular man and his boy; only stealing knowing glances and the occasional lingering touch. But moments alone were increasingly rare, making them desperate for a chance to be alone! It wasn’t until an afternoon came where the two were watching TV that they found a moment to indulge in their desires. Sitting close together on the couch, Mr. Landon could feel his boy’s smooth skin against his own, making him recall their intimate massage sessions from before. He missed holding his boy in his arms as they slept, feeling his ass curve perfectly into his groin. The thought alone made him hard, something that Ian was keenly aware of now. The two turned to each other, softly kissing as they felt the blood rush to their loins, driving them wild. And with their fully engored hard-ons, neither could resist the urge to fuck... Mr. Landon takes off Ian’s underwear, getting a good look at his boy’s smooth, tight hole. Ian couldn’t help but lean down towards his daddy’s crotch, taking the big, throbbing member into his mouth as his daddy played with his hole. Letting out a shudder and a moan, he was happy to be back in his old man’s embrace. He wanted to be fucked again and again, but didn’t want to rush how good it felt to have his dad’s hands on his hot hole. Mr. Landon lifted Ian off the ground and brought him up to the couch. Bending him over the back of the cushions, he gave the boy’s ass a chance to present itself for him. He could have stared at it for hours, but his own lustful passions overrode his thoughts completely. He planted his mouth between Ian’s velvetine cheeks, feeling the soft peach fuzz of the boy’s ass rub against his face and lips. His boy tasted so sweet, he knew he was going to have to take him right there! Standing up behind him, Mr. Landon guided his thick, throbbing daddy dick into his boy’s tight hole. Ian kept quiet, trying not to arouse anyone nearby who might interrupt their fucking. He needed to be filled with his daddy’s seed more than anything else, and he would make sure he was a good boy in order to get it...
Mr. Landon penetrated his boy deeper and deeper, taking an extra inch each time he pushed in until he felt the fullness of his cock inside him. He closed his eyes and let out a deep breath. This was heaven. Right here, inside his beautiful boy, he could feel heaven!
He did all he could to stop from seeding him right then and there, fucking him slowly and fluidly to fully enjoy the raw breeding. But as Ian got closer, so did his old man. And it was only a matter of time before he was flooded with his daddy’s precious seed...
6. Watching My Buddy Plow My Boy 22mn
The Forbidden Boy Hotel experience involves getting closer to your boy, getting away from the normal trappings of life, and focusing solely on the intimate connection between an older man and a younger man. But there’s another part that comes a little harder for each daddy... When Mr. Landon read what he was expected to do, it gave him a little pause. He loved being with Ian and feeling his smooth skin against his own. But as much as he wanted, he knew he couldn’t keep him to himself forever. The instructions were clear that part of their journey meant opening his boy up to another daddy by giving him the opportunity to experience love and affection from others. Mr. Landon didn’t want to be jealous, but the idea of sharing his precious, beautiful boy with another man was a hard pill to swallow. Fortunately, he’d gotten to know another daddy in a similar situation. Mr. Armstrong was similarly protective of his boy and understood the special bond Mr. Landon had worked hard to build. When Ian’s daddy asked him to be the one to take his boy’s hole, Mr. Armstrong was happy to do this as a friend! Mr. Landon knew he could trust Mr. Armstrong to be careful and gentle with his boy, but still insisted on being there when it happened. Ian wasn’t exactly sure what his dad was worried about. He loved the idea of getting fucked! He was excited just to have a cock in his hole! But Mr. Armstrong being older and wiser knew this would be a big deal. Ian hadn’t been with anyone else before, making this his first time in a way... Trying poorly to hide his nerves, Mr. Landon prepared his boy, hugging and kissing him before setting him on the bed. As soon as Ian was ready, Mr. Armstrong called in his buddy from the next room and took his seat across the room.
Mr. Landon watched as Ian smiled, eagerly excited to get to business. He kept his hands folded, gazing intently on his boy’s face, making sure he was okay at every moment. Mr. Armstrong ran his hands over Ian’s body, feeling his cock swelling in his jockstrap. He could see the boy’s smooth, athletic body as well as his angelic, sweet face. Everything about him made his own cock nearly burst through his jock! Ian reached for the older man’s member, pulling it out so he could stroke it. Mr. Landon moved slightly in his chair, uneasy about seeing his boy with another man’s cock in his hand. But as he looked to Ian, he saw his mouth water and his eyes light up. His horny boy wanted to be fucked badly. Mr. Landon felt his cock rise, turned on by seeing Ian so aroused. He wanted to fuck him right then and there, but knew this was good for his boy to experience. With his legs raised up and his hole presented, Ian looked over to his daddy with a loving smile as Mr. Armstrong began to taste him. Mr. Landon locked eyes with his boy, running a hand over his bulge as his friend gently prepared him to be bred. It wasn’t easy, but it was incredibly hot to see Ian with his legs up, ready to be penetrated. He wasn’t just a boy, but a young man. Mr. Landon was proud of him! And now, he got to sit back and enjoy the sight of his son getting fucked. But deep down he knew no matter what or who Ian was with, he’d always be his daddy...
7. Daddy Son Bonding 22mn
Mr. Landon was used to seeing Ian naked around the house. It was one of his favorite things about their new bond. There were no secrets or shame, no hiding or masking their desires. Whenever it was just the two of them, he knew his boy was truly his to gaze upon and admire. He was so proud of him and the man he’d become, but he was also incredibly aroused to see his boy light up by trying to seduce him! Even when Ian wasn’t naked, he could still see his boy’s beautiful body beneath his clothes, making every attempt to draw his attention. And it was just a fact that Mr. Landon looked for every opportunity to make love to his sweet boy, and Ian was perfectly content to inspire as many moments as possible. While Ian was in the kitchen, his old man came in and caught a glimpse of him in his basketball shorts. Ian wasn’t trying to put on a show, but Landon was completely smitten and aroused. He came in close, running his hands over the boy’s back and chest, feeling his smooth skin and remembering how much he loved to kiss him... The two embraced, locking their lips as they felt each other’s strong, masculine bodies. Landon felt up his boy’s backside, moving down to cup his smooth, ample butt cheeks. They filled his hand so perfectly, making him hard as he massaged them. There in the palm of his hand he held his perfect handsome boy, knowing he could fuck him and breed him like no man ever could!
Taking off his clothes, he bent him over the edge of the kitchen counter, the same counter where they prepared their family meals, lifting his leg up to see his hole spread. Every time was special; to see his little hole open up for him, just waiting to take his tongue, finger, or cock! And the way he looked back, pleading with his puppy dog eyes, made him all the more excited. Sliding his cock up to his hole, he teased him, waiting to feel his pulse relax, and his breathing become deeper and heavier before pushing it in. Just when he could tell Ian was on the edge of desperation, he pulled it out and ran his tongue over Ian’s tasty hole, getting it wet enough for him to push the thick mass of his manhood deeper into his son’s rectum. Ian let out a breath as he felt his dad’s manhood stretch him open as it moved deeper into his body. Every time was just as powerful and meaningful as the first! He felt himself flush with passion as the love of his daddy filled him up, making him give him everything he had in return. All Mr. Landon wanted was his boy’s love and affection, his trust and his heart — and his bare, tight hole to breed...
9. Nightime Visitor 25mn
Ian has been playing a game of cat and mouse with his old man ever since he discovered that their attraction toward one another was strongly mutual. And although Ian is the mouse, he always wins. Daddy’s libido is sky high and it doesn’t take much effort on Ian’s part to get the burly man worked up. Heck, all he has to do is pass through a room naked and his dad can sense it from the other end of the house. The two of them have had some amazing times together ever since the unexpected getaway to that strange hotel. Ian hadn’t known what to expect, although he’d be lying if he said he hadn’t already been fantasizing about touching his own dad’s penis. Feeling good with dad was all Ian ever wanted to do now. No man could hold a candle to Mr. Landon. To Ian’s memory, his dad had always been big and strong, his body a mass of hard muscles Ian just wanted to squeeze and kiss. The two of them had always had a special bond, even before the vacation that revealed their deeper urges, and it seems the older man never minds being lured in by Ian’s games. Daddy’s cock was also the thickest Ian has ever taken in his mouth or in his butt, and it filled him perfectly. Ian spent the night in dad’s bed more often than his own since returning from the hotel, all in hopes that dad would take the not so subtle hint of Ian’s bubble butt grinding against the man’s groin in the night. Ian finds himself there again tonight, before the lights are out or Mr. Landon is fully settled for the night. He curls up against his dad like an innocent little spoon and presses his perfect butt into Mr. Landon’s naked package. Ian doesn't have to wait long before his small briefs are peeled off from behind and daddy’s fat cock is pressed against his soft, round ass cheeks. Wanting to be as close as possible, Mr. Landon removes his boy’s shirt and spoons him from behind, every inch of their naked skin touching. Mr. Landon rolls Ian onto his stomach so he can see the boy’s body, touch his back, and squeeze the smooth bubbles of his boy’s ass cheeks, his thick fingers sinking into Ian’s soft flesh. Deep between Ian’s cheeks, the boy’s pink pucker flashes as his ass is spread by the man’s huge hands. The sight entices Mr. Landon to tease the boy’s hole with his tongue, just to get it wet so he can massage it with his fingers while leaning in to kiss the boy’s ear. Mrs Landon’s hand trails across Ian’s back and the boy at the sensation. Ian’s skin pebbles with goosebumps from the gentle kisses and the way Mr. Landon caresses his young body. Ian’s cock is already hard when Mr. Landon’s tongue returns to his hole. Ian moans as he feels one big finger press inside, seeking his prostate. He is acutely aware of it the moment it is found and his dad’s finger presses down. It sends jolts of pleasure up his spine and down his legs, making him impatient for daddy’s cock to grind against it from within. He remembers it used to be painful, but Ian has gotten used to the width of his father’s cock. When the man presses his cock against his hole, it slides in gently. His jaw drops as he feels his dad’s big ball sack press against his butt and his face turns red from the breath he hasn’t realized he’s been holding. It always feels so big! Mr. Landon tells Ian to roll onto his back. He wants to see his boy’s face and kiss his lips as he sinks into him. Ian’s feet are pressed against Mr. Landon’s hard pecs and he can’t help but kiss his son’s toes, causing Ian to bite his lip and giggle. He’s so cute when he does that, Mr. Landon thinks, and in that moment, he’s sure they will always be able to share this together no matter what. That makes him thrust harder, his balls slap against Ian’s hole. He’s gotten so good at taking my cock! With the man’s hand on his chest, Ian looks up the length of his dad’s arm, corded with muscle and prominent veins. His dad’s face is intense beyond the thick capped muscles of his shoulder, concentrating on bringing his boy the greatest pleasure he has ever known. His dad’s cock has the perfect curve to hit his prostate on every single thrust, especially when he raises one of Ian’s legs to his shoulder. Sometimes it feels like he’s being stretched to his limits by the man’s shaft. After all, it’s the width of Ian’s wrist! Ian takes the pace of their encounter into his own hands, mounting Mr. Landon reverse cowboy so he can see the beer can cock disappearing inside him via the mirror next to the bed. He starts out holding himself up and letting his dad penetrate him from below, then he grinds down onto him, slowly causing his own cock and balls to bounce each time he drops down the full length of the man’s cock. Ian can see his dad’s balls are tightening against his shaft and his own cock is so hard it’s shining. Mr. Landon moans and gasps as the boy sets a steady rhythm with his hips. He feels Ian’s ass squeeze his cock even harder and he knows the boy is about to cum. The glossy head of Ian’s cock erupts in a steady stream of creamy white cum onto his dad’s legs until the boy can barely keep himself upright. He falls sideways, completely spent, eyes closed and a smile on his face. Mr. Landon kisses his son’s cheek and presses his cock back inside, hoping Ian’s dreams are as full of wild fantasies as his ass is with his dad’s throbbing cock.
10. Weekend With My Buddy's Dad 23mn
Danny listened to Ian’s stories about his old man with great interest. The two were best friends and it was only natural that they’d tell each other about the most intimate and private details of their lives. Danny knew when Ian got his first erection, when he came for the first time, even when he lost his virginity! Danny was always happy for his friend and supportive, but he couldn’t deny that he was a little jealous. He’d been eyeing his friend’s dad for a long time. He’d always try to sneak sitting next to him whenever he went over to watch a movie or have dinner. He’d even hoped one day to see him coming out of the shower or something during a sleepover. Alas, the older man seemed to stay just a fixture of his imagination, giving him a special thrill whenever Mr. Landon touched his shoulder or patted him on the back. Mr. Landon could see the boy checking him out. He wasn’t blind to the effect he had on younger guys, and Danny was certainly around enough to admire him more than most. He thought was adorable, but he never went beyond just a friendly hug or calling him “champ.” He thought it would be far too inappropriate to flirt with his son’s friend. That all changed when Ian told his old man about Danny’s new concern. Ian had bragged so many times about being fucked that Danny began to think he was undesirable. He wanted to experience sex so badly, but he didn’t have anyone he could turn to. He was painfully shy and full of doubt. Mr. Landon’s heart broke for his boy’s friend. He knew what it was like to feel strange in your body and unsure of what to do. He was prepared to chalk it up to the hormonal teenage experience until Ian proposed something a bit radical. One morning at breakfast, Ian asked his dad if he could be Danny’s first time. At first Mr. Landon said no, practically spitting his coffee out onto the table. It was one thing for him to get a little close with his own boy, but someone else’s? He knew there would be too many risks involved, not to mention the responsibility of being a young man’s first fuck. However, after a few days of thinking it over, Ian’s idea didn’t seem so bad. Despite having seen Danny grow up, Danny wasn’t a little boy. He could make his own decisions. Not only that, he cared deeply for him. Mr. Landon had fed him, sheltered, even clothed him on occasion. He was invested in Danny’s happiness in a way that a stranger would not be. Of course, there’s the obvious: Mr. Landon wanted it, too. Once Mr. Landon agreed, Ian took it upon himself to coordinate the whole thing. Mr. Landon felt himself getting a little nervous, but seeing his boy so supportive made it all the easier. Before long, Mr. Landon found himself in a car with Danny driving up to the same Forbidden Boy Hotel that the older man had shared with his son. The car ride there was awkward as hell. Danny could hardly look at Ian’s dad, answering his questions in short replies, always ending it with “sir.” Mr. Landon had told him many times he didn’t need to be so formal, but it was clear that Danny was retreating to this manner as a way of hiding his nervousness. Mr. Landon continued on, beginning to wonder if he’d made a big mistake. Once they arrived, however, Danny began to open up a lot more. He was curious about the place, asking again and again, “You come here with Ian?” “Just you and Ian?” “You and Ian share a bed?” It was clear he was curious but didn’t want to come right out and ask about it. Mr. Landon would just nod and say, “Yes, we do. Just us. Sharing a bed.” After they settled in and chatted a while, the two showered and prepared to change into their nighttime attire. Mr. Landon waited in the bedroom for Danny to join him, wearing his white terry cloth bathrobe. Beside him was a new jockstrap for his special guest, to ease him into a more intimate mood. When he presented it to Danny, he told him that he was aware that he was interested in him and that it was OK. Danny’s face flushed red. It was obvious, but he didn’t like having to admit it. He was still so insecure about his desires that he didn’t have the tools to articulate them. All he could do was feel embarrassed, but Mr. Landon did his best to make him comfortable. “It’s OK, Danny. You’re a beautiful, special boy. That’s why my son likes you. That’s why I like you. I brought you here because I want you to see how special you are.” Danny barely knew what to say. He looked down for a moment, trying to not show how much he loved hearing that. He said thank you and took the jock strap. It was just like one he’d seen Ian wear. “I want to see you in it,” Mr. Landon continued. “Take off your shirt.” Danny felt his heart begin to pound in his chest. He’d taken his shirt off in front of Mr. Landon before at the beach and the pool, but never inside and never alone. He could hardly breathe as he pulled off his shirt, watching Mr. Landon’s eyes lock on him. It was strange to be in his gaze. He’d always imagined the older man looked past him or didn’t even really care if he was there one way or another. But now, there was no denying that he was checking him out, staring at his body, taking it in and assessing him. He was terrified he wouldn’t like what he saw. He removed his pants, knowing this would be the first time he’d be showing him his underwear… and the swelling bulge inside. “God,” Mr. Landon said, looking at his crotch. “That’s beautiful.” He reached out his hand and gently caressed it, holding it from beneath and feeling its weight. Danny practically let out a moan as the air held tight in his lungs was let free. Feeling Mr. Landon’s hand on his cock was so strange and so amazing. He didn’t know if he was about to get light headed or if he’d already fallen down and was dreaming! Mr. Landon told him to continue, and Danny pulled down his underwear. No one had ever seen his cock before. Not even Ian! As the open air greeted his shaft, Mr. Landon was quick to take it in his hand and start fondling it. He cradled his big, heavy nuts while pulling his hardening cock outward. Danny’s boyish face looked down and saw it between the older man’s fingers. It was better than he’d ever imagined. “Beautiful boy…” Mr. Landon hesitated to pull away, but he wanted to see Ian in his jock. Grabbing at the white garment and pulling it up, he helped Danny get into it, making sure the straps fit right and didn’t bunch. Once it was on, he could see Danny's perfect, smooth bubble butt held up just right. It was hard to say how it compared to Ian’s, but the young man’s body made Mr. Landon’s mouth water just the same. Turning Danny around, he looked at him, seeing his eyes wide with desire. He ran a hand up his smooth chest and he could feel his heart pounding like a jackhammer. It was so sweet. “You nervous?” Mr. Landon asked, with a tone of both lightheartedness and sincerity in his voice. “A little,” Danny replied, unable to lie in that moment, but barely able to mutter more. “You don’t have to be nervous,” Mr. Landon said. “I’ve got you.” Mr. Landon then opened his bathrobe and gave Danny a view of his own bulge in a jockstrap. It was massive, practically overflowing and clearly containing his big cock. Danny was terrified of it at first, but his reservation quickly turned into curiosity. Mr. Landon smiled as he saw Danny’s expression, not ashamed to admit his shock gave him a little bit of an ego boost. He gently brought Danny in close, taking him by the hands and allowing him to meet his face. They got closer, slowly, inch by inch until their mouths were suddenly closer together than they’d ever been before. Mr. Landon could tell Danny was holding his breath, not feeling any air escape from his opened mouth. Not wanting to let him linger in that anticipation, he moved forward and planted his lips on the boy’s. Danny’s lips pressed and he let out a deep exhale through his nose. Mr. Landon held back a smile. There it was: Danny’s first kiss. The two continued kissing, becoming more comfortable touching each other as their mouths opened and their tongues explored one another. Danny found himself even feeling brave enough to touch Mr. Landon’s muscles, finally able to get his fingers on what his eyes had lusted after for years. Mr. Landon took Danny onto the bed, lying on his side with him and holding him in his arms. Danny was so small and delicate. He cradled him passionately as his hands moved over his bare bottom. It was smooth and warm, inviting his touch deep into his crack. He could feel Danny tremble and shake as the tips of his fingers made their way to his hole. Danny didn’t say anything, but his body practically screamed “not too fast.” Oh, no. Mr. Landon wasn’t going to rush this. He was going to make sure Danny’s first time taking his big, bare cock was absolutely perfect. After all, he knew he’d remember this for the rest of his life!
11. Forbidden Boy Hotel 25mn
If you’d have told me a year ago that things were gonna get as steamy with my boy Ian as they’ve gotten recently, I’d have thought you were crazy! I mean, it’s one of the great taboos isn’t it? Once you’ve done it with your own flesh and blood, your ticket to hell is bought and paid for, right? If only it didn’t feel so freakin’ hot! Learning to love my son in a different way has certainly opened up some doors to things I thought I’d never do. I mean, for quite a lengthy period back then, we actually entered a full-on sexual relationship. I used to bang him every time I got the chance! Things developed quite rapidly as our sexual interests started to broaden. Watching my buddy plowing Ian was another watershed moment. Seeing another older dude being pleasured by my boy was utterly mind-blowing. I loved the feeling of jealousy. I loved seeing my boy practicing some of the moves I’d taught him. I loved the look of pure ecstasy on my buddy’s face as he emptied his big, pervy dick all over my boy’s skinny little body. I’m making it sound like all of this was a horny breeze, but I regularly got engulfed by a sense of pure guilt! I guess I felt most guilty about neglecting my other son, Blake, every time I sneaked off to a hotel with Ian. Blake’s nobody’s fool. He probably knew exactly what was going on. I’m just not sure it would have been that easy for him to comprehend things without feeling left out. I also know that Ian can be a bit of a brag. I confronted him one day and asked if he’d told his brother about our relationship. His blushes said it all, really. I didn’t need to push him any further. At that moment, some sort of light went on in my head and I suddenly couldn’t get Blake out of my thoughts. When I started to have erotic dreams about seducing him in the same hotel where I’d first had sex with Ian, I realized I needed to act… or at least give Blake the sort of vibe which meant that if he were interested in deepening our father-son bond that wouldn’t need to feel ashamed to express it. It wasn’t long before I started to get some pretty heavy vibes from him. It was sweet. The boy’s completely inexperienced, so there was a clunkiness and an innocence about the way he looked at me and attempted to flirt. Of course, when I asked if he’d like to come away for the weekend with me for a bit of dad-son bonding, he couldn’t control his excitement. In the run up to the trip, he was full of questions. What did he need to pack? What did the hotel look like? Was it where I used to go with Ian? Were we sharing a room? We got to the hotel and had dinner together. I wore a smart suit and I flirted with him until he was trembling with nerves. We headed back to the room, bathed, and got into fluffy white robes, then sat on the bed, cuddling. He was still shaking a little, but seemed calmer. I wanted him to relax and enjoy the moment. Go with the flow. Savor every second. He started to run his hand up and down my thigh and onto the bulge which was forming in my jockstrap. The more he touched, the harder I got. The first kiss with anyone is always profound and this one felt particularly amazing. We’d crossed the rubicon into the Land of Taboo and there was no going back. It’s liberating, I guess. You don’t need to worry anymore about whether or not it’s appropriate. You’re there now. You can deal with the consequences later. I got him out of his robe so I could rub my hands across his smooth, milk-white chest and belly. He asked if he could suck me and the boy was a complete natural! He slowly nudged my dick out of the pouch in my jock and, before long, had his precious lips wrapped around it. I suddenly wondered if he’d secretly been taking lessons from his brother, but dismissed the thought on account of the can of worms it might open! My dick started to pulsate, so I got him onto his front. His cute, peachy ass was framed like a fine portrait by the straps of his jock as I used my tongue to get him nice and wet. Maybe I should have prepped him a little longer. I’ve got a pretty giant dick, and this was plainly his first time, but I wanted him so badly that the horniness took over and before I knew it, I was pushing myself into him… He gasped and moaned. The sounds he mader were new and thrilling. I felt so lucky to be there for those first intimate expressions of pleasure. There was something particularly arousing for me about pushing my boy to a state where he was riding the ridge between agony and pure ecstasy. I kept wondering if I could push things further without him toppling over the edge. He took to it pretty well and stayed as good and relaxed as I could have hoped. He was as tight as anything I’ve experienced, however, and my dick felt like it was in a permanent clamp! I pulled him up to me and continued to make love to him. I was quite amazed by how fast he could take me - and how deep I was able to get - right into his inner sphincter. He’d sure as hell be sore in the morning! I turned him onto his back and fucked him from the side. I wanted to look at his face all twisted in the excitement of becoming a man. Then I got him on the end of the bed so that I could stand behind him and really let him have it. I went at it with guns blazing. He was shaking - vibrating almost - and grabbing at the sheets on the bed, mouth wide open, almost in a panic. I suspect everything was feeling so intense, he literally didn’t know what else to do. And that just made me slam him harder and him scream more. It was brutal, if I’m honest, but I couldn’t stop. I was convinced he wanted me to keep going. All I could think about was busting a nut into my boy. I’d fucked myself into a frenzy. I pulled out and shot all over his smooth white ass before shoving my dick back into him so he could feel his daddy’s spunk inside him for the first time. The spunk that made him. The spunk that’s gonna keep going into him...
12. Doctor's Visit 22mn
Mr. Landon looked over at his nephew as Dr. Wolf began to feel him up. The boy was wearing nothing but a jockstrap as he was examined, splayed out and exposed. He loved seeing his nephew like this. He loved his beautiful, smooth, muscular body and sweet, boyish face. Of course, nothing compares to his thick veiny cock. Dr. Wolf was not being shy about grabbing it, feeling his balls and stroking his shaft. It was very clear what the handsome doc wanted, and Mr. Landon was very happy to give it to him. While he was not Blake’s father, he felt a lot of paternal affection for him. And maybe because of this and not despite it, he was eager to see the professional open up his boy. Dr. Wolf turned Blake toward him, facing him belly down so his mouth was perfectly positioned with his massive bulge. The ginger doctor whispered to Mr. Landon to get his boy ready, something the uncle was more than happy to do. Mr. Landon looked at Blake’s perfect butt, round and smooth, covered with the lightest and softest of peach fuzz, imperceptible to the eye but undeniable as his fingers caressed their shape. Blake let out a deep exhale, feeling the familiar hands move up his backside and spread his cheeks apart. He would have been lost in that sensation, feeling his uncle’s warm breath creep into his crack and tickle his hole, but he had a bigger, more pressing matter in front of him. Dr. Wolf lowered his pants, showing a pair of underwear that was nearly at the breaking point trying to contain the older man’s enormous member. Blake could see it was heading downward toward the knees and was likely only stopping because of the tight, constricting underwear. He reached out a hand and pulled the concealed cock from its containment, watching with awe as it popped free, standing outward, just an inch or two from his mouth. Mr. Landon could see what Blake could see and knew his instruction to get him ready was less of an invitation and more of a necessity. Mr. Landon buried his face in the boy’s ass, feasting on his hole and licking him voraciously, knowing that every lick and kiss was warming him up and getting him ready to take the huge pipe. Blake was nervous, but that didn’t stop him from taking Dr. Wolf’s cock in his mouth, feeling it fill his oral cavity and reaching back toward his throat. He tried to take it all, but it was no small challenge. He struggled to take it back deep, wanting to get it good and wet for his hole. All the while, he trembled and and moaned as Mr. Landon continued to lap at his hole. Blake knew his uncle would make sure he was ready, and that filled his heart as much as Dr. Wolf’s cock filled his mouth! When the moment came for Dr. Wolf to take Blake’s hole, the boy laid back on the table and looked over at his uncle. Mr. Landon held his hand, giving him an assuring, encouraging smile, but his eyes kept getting pulled over to Dr. Wolf’s giant shaft, watching it line up with the boy’s hole. Blake wanted to see, too, but all he could see was Dr. Wolf’s beautiful body and Mr. Landon’s focused gaze. He looked at his uncle for any sign of worry, but Mr. Landon simply held his hand and watched in stunned anticipation. Then, slowly and steadily, Blake felt the blunt tool press up against his hole, applying pressure on him that at first was met with a firm resistance from his body. He didn’t know if he could do it. But Mr. Landon squeezed his hand and told him he was okay. It was all Blake needed to feel his muscles relax and allow the long member to move inside him. The moment started with a searing pain, causing Blake’s body to twist and retreat, but both men did their part to make Blake feel okay. Blake took a few more breaths, following their guidance, and soon he felt a deep pleasure unlike anything he’d ever felt. He loved being fucked by his uncle, but this was on a whole new level. Blake didn’t want it to stop. He looked up at his doctor and watched as he pumped deeper and harder into him, testing the limits of his body. But every time he was unsure or scared, he looked over his uncle, right there watching and supporting him. He would have never done this without him. And he was so happy he was there…
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