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Latest EdwardJames Updates


Mack Daddy and Quake

When other men see Mack Daddy, they fall over themselves to be on his good side. That's because his good side is the front—this... [read more]


Adore and Dreezy Long

Adore's tardiness has pushed against the limits of Dreezy Long's patience for the last time. When Adore arrives late in the low-lit... [read more]


Dreezy Long and Sensation

You don't keep Dreezy Long waiting. When Sensation arrives late, Dreezy doesn't care for excuses—he expects the tall, toned... [read more]


Dreezy Long and Kaotic Black

Dreezy just finished a game of billiards and needs to kick back and relax. Kaotic shows up (late, but better than never) to service... [read more]


Blaisen Shon and King Bae

We already know King Bae is not shy in front of the camera and Blaisen Shon seems more than happy to be set up with this experienced... [read more]


King Bae and King Joker

King Joker and King Bae are back! Shirtless and comfortable in this private hotel room, Joker asks some light questions about... [read more]